Friday, December 17, 2010

Building Sadness

In Utah, they build tabernacles like Californians build Missions.  Each of the larger older towns in Utah has one.  Provo has a lovely one.

It's basically the landmark of Provo.  When pioneer ancestors settled the area they wanted a large building to hold communitiy events in, etc.  Lovely wooden carvings, and a second story with a balcony (which my parents never let us sit in).

I did a lot of musical stuff there.  TONS of high school concerts at this beloved building.  I remember feeling so grown up the first time I was back stage and came on.  It had lovely accoustics and it was an honor to play there.  I was always so amazed that they could just put up a stage for a band and the next day have church meetings there. 

Anyway, I guess it started on fire in the wee small hours of the morning today.  They're not sure if they can save any of it, but I'm sure the lovely carvings and the pipe organ will be a loss.  Here's what it looked like today (I'm keeping it small, because I hate looking at it).  I feel SO sad just thinking about it.  Thinking about those pioneers who spent so much time errecting it.  Sad about all the communty events on hold.  Wondering how God could do this to such a special building.

And then it hit me, bad things happen to good buildings.  Just like bad things happen to good people.  We can't blame God for an accident.  Heavens knows that building was a little rickety (there was a reason my mom didn't want us in the balcony).  I'm sad, but I am happy that no one was hurt when the roof collapsed as I'm sure that would have been REALLY tragic.  I'm glad that I have memories of the friends and family that surrounded me in that buildling, and I hope they'll rebuild it. 

I hate change.  Don't you?


  1. Yes, this is so very sad. We had all our Stake Conferences here and the organ was amazing. I hope they will rebuild it, but it will never be the same. Such history. . . gone.

  2. I've been crying about it off and on today. Meant a lot to me, that building. Crazy stuff.

  3. I don't like change especially when it's not my choice. It is hard to see things change that you really like. Provo won't be the same without it.


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