Thursday, December 16, 2010


Got my layoff notice in the mail.  Don't get all excited, it just means they MIGHT lay me off.  It's a union thing, them just giving me due notice.  Drew's gotten one of these twice... lucky fellow.

But it hurts.  It hurts to read the lines "your services may no longer be required."

Last night was pretty busy at work, and my patient was having issues and I was tired and I could just FEEL the weight in our unit.  The people, wondering, no peace....

It just wasn't the most wonderful time of the year.

Today I was listening to my MP3 player in the car and the song "Let There Be Peace on Earth" came on.  I remember we used to sing that at our Elementary School song day {I'm pretty sure we also sang Away in a Manger... can you imagine?}  Here's a little reminder of this song via YouTube:

I was just thinking that peace DOES have to start with me.  If I can find that peace and then reach outward...  But how to get that peace?  Well, I must say that peace now has a nice headstart thanks to the fact that the # of people they're laying off got a little lower yesterday.  That puts me pretty well into the safe category.

But, that's not all what it's about.  There needs to be peace in our lives.  I know how I find it and I think for each person it's pretty different.

I do think of that very first Christmas as one of the most peaceful nights.  I'm sure Mary looked at that baby thinking he was going to SAVE the world, that HE would bring peace.  And while he did, he also brought a lot of craziness.  But, for one night they had that peace.  It's such a good feeling.

How do you find peace in your life?


  1. Sometimes I don't think I know how. Thanks for the reminder, as always.

  2. I think the peace comes when you stop being afraid. When you put your trust in the do all that you can and you leave the rest up to God.

    Whatever know that Lord will be with you. When you know that...nothing else matters.

    I know you trust in the Lord Hill. You are a wonderful example of faith to me. So, I matter what will find that peace.


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