Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Story of My Ring

5MM Musical Notes Band 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 8Well, el cheapo is on my hand right now (it isn't that one, but wouldn't that be cute?), and the real one sits in a lovely safe deposit box, safe from all ring thieves.

Guess what my ring size is now, that's right a 4.5 -- same as it was the day I got married.  She started out sizing me at a size 6, and we just kept going lower....

Take that, formerly fat fingers.

I've had a lot of people ask me what the big deal is about my ring, just go without (and judge me if you want, but I worry that other people will wonder why I don't have a ring on -- worry something is wrong, worry I'm not married in my heart... maybe they didn't read that last blog post....).

Well, besides the fact that I feel udderly naked when my ring isn't on I truly adore my ring, and here's why.

Drew and I were two struggling college students.  The nursing program doesn't recommend you work at all, but I was trying to pull 15 hours/week so I could at least pay rent.  Drew was starting up teaching trombone and frankly... we weren't rich.  We weren't anywhere NEAR rich.

But somehow in my heart I really felt that if we couldn't afford some sort of a ring with, in fact, a real diamond in it -- we couldn't do this marriage.  It just wasn't meant to be.

And for quite a while it just didn't look like it was meant to be.  Or, it wouldn't happen for quite some time.
And then one day Drew hears about a mysterious bond fund his grandparents had started for him years, and YEARS ago that everyone had forgotten about.  What on earth, what a surprise.

So, we started to dabble in some ring shopping, and I found one I adored and as we walked into his back office (my dad had one of the presidents of Sierra West as a bishop in his stake) he did some calculating and said if we wanted this ring, with a lovely diamond..."with tax (punching numbers) that... wow, that's weird... well, it's 777.77" -- really.  Our ring came to $777.77

And we had that amount, and even a few dollars to spare.

Drew secretly bought it behind my back...

But when I look at that ring I remember it's good to have expectations, to plan on them being met, and to know that God will make things fall into place, and it will be just right.

And it is, but now it is going to be just right in our safety deposit box, until our 15th wedding anniversary when I have vowed i will have it re-sized.  That's still a good year and a half away so I'll have time to figure out where my weight is going to settle at.

Until then, I have a glamorous 7 dollar ring on that finger (anyone else here finding it funny that this ring is also a 7?).   Drew even found it.  I was gettin desperate in a sea of size 8 rings when he found this one.  It's perfect for now.

Just like us. :) {vomit}


  1. My mother-in-law picked my ring. She has great taste!

  2. Very cool story. I think it is fascinating that 20-something years ago (when I got married) yellow gold was the trend. Lately it seems to be the white gold look (like my grandmother had). Perhaps yellow gold will come back in when my future granddaughters get married.

  3. A perfect temporary ring I think =)

  4. I think you should get a nice CTR ring (not the adjustable ones that turn your finger green!) 'cuz you obviously made the right choice in a hubby!

  5. 4.5! Wow girlie, you have some skinny fingers! At my very skinniest, I could only do a 6.5.

    Great story of the ring, BTW. We have a similar one. Joel was just about to go into debt to buy the ring I loved (I told him not to) when my grandmother sent her wedding ring to me if I wanted it. And guess what? It was almost identical to the one I loved.

  6. Love the story.. and I love your humor. I have great fun reading your blog and I even wish I could be more like you.


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