Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kind of Freaking Out.

I know, when am I not freaking out, you might ask.  And you might be right. :)

So, we're moving.  We want to sell our house here and then get a house there.  No biggie right?  I mean, my house here is worth almost 3 times what my house there will cost.  Yay! 


Apparently, we really can't move without getting THIRTY DAYS pay from the new job before we close on the new house.


I've now called like 5 places.

I have a call into the local teacher's credit union and they're hoping to get back to me tomorrow.

I mean, there really is just no way that we will work before we move in.  There's just no way.

So, does anyone do home loans, has anyone moved recently, or has a friend who's moved recently that didn't have to do it that way.  The guy on the phone with the teacher credit union said that sometimes, because Drew is basically working for the government they will take a letter stating that he has a job and will be paid X amount, that might be enough.

So, I am crossing my fingers, but I am just feeling so tired by now.

I've had movers come almost every day, I'm so tired of being nice to them and showing them all our stuff.

Work was busy last night, and I'm just tired.  But, apparently I should fly on down to Phoenix and work a month so we can buy a house.  Sure, let me get right on that. :)

So, what would you do?  We're paying movers to get us down there, and the thought of then moving again makes me want to vomit. {sigh}


  1. Most of my friends who have moved recently first moved into a month-to-month contract on a rental and put their stuff in storage. It takes a month to find a house you love anyway, and it's easier when you're on location.

    So they say.

  2. I agree with the above comment, if you can't get a loan yet... find a rental. Maybe it's meant to be so you have time to find your dream house! :) hang in there:)

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Whomever is telling you that doesn't have a CLUE what they are talking about. NOT.A.CLUE. Unless you are selling your current house on a short sale or foreclosure. There is no reason whatsoever that you can't go into a reputable mortgage company and get a mortgage pending the sale of your old home ESPECIALLY considering it is worth more. CRAZY. Who is telling you this stuff?

  4. When we bought and sold I was really nervous about any failure for the buyer to come through so we put the offer in on the one we were buying with a clause to rent for two weeks before close etc. With the market as it is and sellers fairly eager to sell I would think you could easily put in a clause to rent for a month before closing etc. Also have you tried Churchill mortgage?

  5. So I teach a realtor voice lessons and I asked him about this today. He said the rules are changing big time right now, and it is really hard to get a loan without being at your job. Just the times, I guess. We had no problem, though, and that wasn't even 2 years ago. I'm so sorry. I'd look into early occupancy...I'd think that people would be amenable to it because they want to get rid of the house.


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