Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving: Wants

House, M.D.: Season SixIt's not secret.  My A#1 reason that I might even be the tiniest bit excited about moving is that we are going to leave this house!  Sure, it is a GREAT house, for 2 kids.  It's a perfect house, for 2 kids.  Add one more, and I think we're bursting at the seams somehow.  I've been looking at houses in AZ a LOT.  Probably too much.  I'm fairly sure of the area I want to live.  I've also started to solidify what I really want in house.

1.  Close enough to walk to schools, preferably both Jr. high AND Elementary, but if needs be at LEAST Elementary.  Good schools too.  No 6's on great schools, please. :) 

2.  4 bedrooms, possibly 5.  But at least 4.  Will the boys stay together in one room?  I'm not sure.  I am sure a great deal of it depends on the house plan, but I really would like to keep them together.  Thoughts?

3.  2200-3000 square feet.  I'd like to stay in the about 2500 range.  Our current house is 1207, but I will admit it seems the same as most 1400 sq foot houses, just because the layout is so darn awesome.  If this place had a basement I could live here forever.  But, it doesn't. :)

4.  North/South exposure.  I'm slowly realizing how important this could be in AZ.  Our current house is East/West and I hate how the sun heats up our living room in the afternoon.  I'm sure that would only be worse in AZ.

5.  3 car garage.  I thought it was friviolous, but I'd sure like it.  I'm sure both cars will be in the garage, so I still need room to store al my STUFF.  And gosh dang it, we've got stuff.

6.  Kitchen {drool}.  With a pantry {drool}  I can't keep talking, I get emotional when I see some of them, with their islands and their counters with bars.  So excited for this.  I'm also going to throw out our old dishes.  They made it through the first 14 years of marriage, it's time to start anew.  Maybe I could buy some on Amazon and have them waiting for me when I arrive. :D

7.  To pool or not to pool.  We need a fence, we need play space.  I don't want a pool that takes over the whole backyard.  I must admit they look inviting and it sure would make my kids happy.

8.  Proximity.  I will admit that a lot of this would be easier if I knew where I would be working, so I mostly work off of where Drew is working and I am just hopeful I'll find a gig nearby.  If anyone has any "in's" in Chandler, Mesa or Gilbert hospitals I'd give you a GIANT shout out on the blog. :)

The funny thing is, I rarely look at a house and don't think it'd be fine to live in.  Rule #1 is pretty much what dictates my house hunt (along with proximity, square footage and room count).  Which, goes pretty much like this.

I use my realtor's web site to find houses that are active (Trulia and Zillow have a lot of houses that are already under contract so that isn't helpful).  Then, I bring them up on Trulia and check out the distance to schools.  I've already researched all of the schools on -- which has been really helpful.  I love how there's reviews of everything these days!

THEN, if all that looks alright, I read the description, and look at the photos. 

I'm open to new websites though, and new thoughts as to how important any/all of this would be.  I can't believe we could be moving in a month or so {silent tear}.


  1. Joel and I just found our lists of what we wanted in a house when we were looking. It made us laugh a little, but honestly, we were able to get the most important needs in the house we ended up with.

    Close to the University
    Square Footage was right
    Room for office area
    Room for playroom (I could make that room another bedroom and each kid could have her own room, but, no.)
    Fenced backyard

    The one big thing we had to let go was the garage. We have one, but it's only a one-car and our van barely fits in there, so we only use it in the winter.

    I think when you find the right house, you'll know what you can compromise on and what you can't. IT WILL WORK OUT!!

  2. You are right about the sun exposure. We've lived in both orientations and the N-S will keep at least part of your house cooler all the time. We ended up nailing thick blankets up over the windows of our E-W facing apartment so the sun didn't turn it into a pressure cooker.

    You have to consider where you will be spending your time in the afternoons (and sleeping) in the house and make sure that part is facing North. My parents have a great porch off the back of the house that blocks the sun and protects the house even on the south side.

    If you can find one with a basement instead of an upper floor you will have hit the jackpot. The basements are at least 15 degrees cooler in the summer, but not many builders do them.

    That is my 3.5 cents. Good luck!

  3. I have a cousin who works at Banner Desert (Dobson and the 202) and another cousin at Chandler Hospital. One works in the oncology department at BD and the other works in the OB at Chandler.

  4. My aunt works at banner desert in the labor and delivery dept. And yes, you are right about the north/south exposure thing. On the pool, you have to keep in mind the finanical upkeep it requires in the off season....but hey, if you do find a house with one, be sure to invite all your az bloggy friends over for a pool party. 'Hint hint' :):)

  5. Definitely looked at the sun exposure issue for our new house. Excited to not have the blazing sun in our house all afternoon. I also sold my dishes we have had since we got married at a yard sale. Not getting the new dishes out until we move. Needless to say I think hubby is getting tired of eating on small Ikea plates. Don't we get smarter with age!!! Best of luck looking.

  6. Moving is so dreadful! But, sometimes it really is so fun to fantasize about a fresh start and new diggs! I say POOL! Arizona without a pool is like Utah without a garage...but, they are expensive and dangerous...but fun!


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