Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Today we are bidding on a house.  Is it our perfect house?  Um, well... no.  But it has a LOT of amazing features, the least of which is a beautiful river rock fireplace that I drooled over when I saw (I love a pretty mantle, am I the only one?).

Pricing in AZ is so crazy.  He sent us comps and they are ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  Literally, same square feet, close locations that are going from 200k to 300k.  Seriously.  So, we didn't realy know what to bid.  We did know that they priced it way out of their range.

But we hope they're just sick of trying to sell it.

But I also know that Drew and I have tried hard to really live good lives here and I have a firm testimony that God blesses his children who do the right things.  I believe he can change their hearts.  I believe he has changed mine.

Of course, our realtor's internet connection is down right now {seriously} and so we wait.  For real.  Could I die in a few minutes? It's possible.  It's all about patience.  And I actually think I am getting better in that arena.  I am also learning to stay busy, and the fact that I am working practically full time during the next 3 weeks aids in that. :)


  1. Good LUCK!!! :)I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you!

  2. If it's the house your showed me online, I liked the fireplace too. Crossing my fingers for you!!


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