Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Mind

Things have been crazy at home.  Drew's been trying to get his stuff out of the band room and organize it before his departure (seriously, doesn't he know when you're laid off you just stomp out?), he's been doing that when I'm not working and then I head to work and I've had patients that really required brain power.  It's been a killer.

I feel like my brain is ALWAYS on.

But the news is that it is impossible to find a short term rental in the area we want.  We have a couple of tiny leads and I have to let God take over.  I can't do it all.

That's right, I just said I can't do it all.  I emailed every single rental I saw on Craigslist with no luck....

My kids are insane, and there's a good chance we're leaving in 2 weeks.

Count them, 2.

God has blessed us so much I'm wondering if we're fresh out.  And we'll be living at the extended stay and storage-r-us.  Can you get a school by living in a storage unit?  We will have water barrels....

In other news we are starting fresh on the house hunt.  New realtor, new loan people, the whole nine yards.  While we don't think we'll have one before we get there, we are hopeful that now is the time to find THE house, not just A house.

BUT we just need A house to rent. :)

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  1. I'm reading this backwards... it looks like just when you thought all hope was lost... blessings came!!! :) YES!


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