Saturday, June 25, 2011


Second big goodbye behind me.  Tonight was my last shift at work.  It's so natural to be there after 7 years.  I almost forgot to grab my shoes and my lock, but they'll be heading to my new job with me.

I really try and keep my emotions in check when I'm doing the goodbyes.  I just want to love the people and not make anyone uncomfortable.  But, as I got in the car and headed home the Beatles song "She's Leaving" came on. {tears}

I do feel like I'm leaving home. 

One of the great doctors I have worked with for the last 10 years brought in dinner tonight.  It was delicious.  He also brought me this cool painting/picture thing.

This doctor has actually said a lot of realy meaningful things to me lately about how moving always increases your standard of living and how it always leads to more happiness.  I really love this picture.  It reminds me of the strong women I have become friends with at O'Connor and I like how it looks like they're all on their own journey's.  I also really like that bird at the top.  It reminds me of our Heavenly Father who directs all our journeys.  I'm so glad he's there.  I'm excited to frame it when I get to our new home.  I am glad to always have a reminder of OCH.  Here I am with some of my favorite work buddies.  We've had such a good time together.  I'd trust so many of them with my life.  I just hope they can survive without me.

Emotions are funny things though.  I tend to just get "hit" with waves of the fact that I'm NOT coming back here again.  I mean, I may come visit, but my life as I know it is over.

I think a lot about Ruth who left her family to go with her mother in law.  I think about how I chose my husband and we are what we have now.  It's amazing how one choice shapes your life.

And now my life will be in the shape of drops of sweat. :)  Happy weekend everyone!  Here's to packing my kitchen tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful post, and one I can relate to all too well. I have to agree - moving does increase your standard of living and lead to happiness, even though parts of the adjustment are a little difficult at first. Such a great picture, and so good to see all of you - my beautiful friends!


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