Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love, Love, Love: Our House

I know, I know, I KNOW that I hate this house.  Really, I do.  Especially now that I see what's possible.  But part of me loves this house.  I love it less now that I have taken down a lot of what I have loved, but I still love it.

I love how because we're all on top of each other we all know what every one's doing.  My kids don't get away with much, because I'm RIGHT. THERE. 

I kind of love how they're all in one room.  I bet they'll share stories about how Paige always woke them up someday when they're older.  Shared experiences are happy things.

I love how our backyard has become an adventure space.  We've really made it a part of our lives... I will miss that swing set (the new house has one, but it's not as great for little kids... this one has wrapped its metal arms around my kids)

I love how having a small space forces you to save money.  We went for quality, not quantity.  We bought a really great couch, because we only have one and we wanted it to be great.  Honestly, there are a lot of kitchen gadgets I may have bought over the years if I'd had a place to store them. :)

I love our carpet.  I love that it was a miracle that we bought it and it was within our budget and was just what I wanted.

I love that Spencer was brought here 2 weeks old and has blossomed into an amazing boy in that time.  This is truly the only home he knows.  Same for P, but it's just funny to think of ALL that Spencer has done in these 1200 square feet.

I love the great times we've had with friends within these walls and our backyard.  I love the priesthood session parties I used to hold, I love the baby showers I gave for dear friends.  I feel so lucky to have all of them in our lives.

I love how we were able to do it.  There aren't many people our age who can buy a house in the silicon valley but we did and we've lived to tell the day.  The people who are buying this home are getting a great place and I hope they have amazing times in it too.

I am also glad they've pulled all their contingencies and we sign off on Thursday.  Happy day!


  1. I loved our little house too. Honestly I wanted to stay but Brandon (who was never there anyway LOL) wanted a second bathroom. And bless his heart I needed to be pushed out of that house but I miss it and I choked up when I closed the door for the last time.

  2. Love this post! Made me tear up because it is so close to home for me too! As much as I was ready for bigger and better...it is always so hard to leave your HOME. And it just takes awhile for the new one to feel that way. But off to new adventures in a new (bigger!) home for you! Congratulations!!!

  3. This made me emotional. It's amazing how much stock we put into our homes. I had a really hard time leaving our little brick house in Murray 4 years ago (though I complained about it all the time). Those walls just hold so many memories. But, you will create new ones no doubt!


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