Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When the Miracle Doesn't Come

First off, I get INSANELY itchy nose at night sometimes.  I can't sleep, I'm starting to lose my mind over it as it's happening more frequently.  Anyone else?  I literally lie awake and itch my nose.  I just emailed Kaiser... but perhaps my amazing blog readers have thoughts?

Yesterday was the day I was all set for a miracle.  I just KNEW that when I came home OUR house would be sitting in my "portal" just a' waitin' for me to buy it.

And, unless something in my heart changes, it didn't.  There are some possibles, but none of them seem amazing to me.  The one I like the most is 57k above what I want to pay.  Of course. :)

And I had a nice cry.

BUT, God is in charge, and His miracles come in HIS timeframe, not mine.  He will let me know what to do and when to do it.

Until then I should just enjoy the beautiful weather.  And stop crying.  He has set us up perfectly right up to the house.  I'm sure he'll follow through with that any moment now....


  1. Oh man, it's so hard to walk by faith this close to the edge, isn't it? But there is light out there and it will come together for you soon. Have you gotten a blessing?

  2. I'm sure it will work for you soon! When we were looking for our house we drove around for hours and hours and days and months until I saw the house plan and just knew it was right. Hang on...it's coming...

  3. You are amazing and everything will work out my friend. :)


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