Thursday Was THAT Day.

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There was a time during all of this, where I wondered if we would EVER have a day where all the boxes would be unpacked, we’d hurl ourselves onto the couch with a sigh of relief and revel in the fact it was “done”.  Yesterday was that. day.

And I honestly couldn’t believe it.  Here’s the timeline, in case any of you are wondering (BTW, I just went to get dates off my Google calendar and I couldn’t believe these dates were just a few clicks away… seems like YEARS).
  • March 10th – Drew gets his layoff notice, but they’re “positive” he’ll get it rescinded… although the reasoning seems suspect to me.
  • March 11th – Drew leaves for Ireland with the band. We promise we’re not going to stress about this whole situation while he is gone, and for the most part we both do pretty well with that.
  • March 21st – Hilary has a very strong feeling she’s going to be moving.  Suddenly all the things that have kept us here in the past and all the effort that’s going to be involved seems doable.  Drew also comes home from Ireland that day.
  • March 26th – Drew gets ugly news all week long.  Many of the people I would consider “smart” have said it’s time for him to start looking for something else.  Other people just shoo-shoo it away and say he’ll be fine.  Drew and Hilary go out to dinner (parents watch children, they were here the whole time Drew was in Ireland and I can’t say WHAT a blessing that was).  Hilary reveals the fact that she thinks we’re going to move.  Drew is surprised but starts to realize that might be what happens.  We also find a job in Frisco, TX on the website that day.  We’re 100% sure this is where we are moving.
  • April 11th – We put an application into at least 20 different school districts.  Hilary and her dad search everywhere online and Drew does the application part.  This is the day we leave for Yosemite.  We have a GREAT trip, we think Frisco will call any day and offer us the job.
  • April 18th – Drew calls Frisco and he didn’t make the first cut.  We are devastated.
  • April 25th – Drew gets 2 phone calls for interviews.  One in Tempe, AZ and the other one in a suburb of Denver in Colorado.  Hilary is sure the AZ one is just a fly by night thing, he’s interviewing TWELVE people for the job.  Insane, but figures the interviewing experience will be good.  We book expensive tickets for Drew to fly to both.
  • April 29th – Drew interviews at both places, misses P’s 2nd birthday, but we celebrate on the Sunday.  he HATES the Colorado job, but feels totally at home in AZ.  He finds out the job is only 80% this year.  Hilary brushes it off and says that’s just not going to happen.
  • May 2nd – Drew gets a job offer from AZ.  Hilary thinks it’s ludicrous he’s even considering it…
  • May 4th – While working out (possibly to Jillian) Hilary realizes we’re moving to AZ.  It’s a fairly ugly workout, in many ways.  I actually get a lot of inspiration when I work out.  This wasn’t what I was hoping for…
  • May 7th – Hilary talks to many loan people, they all say they can’t get a home loan.  Hilary is devastated, lots of crying. 
  • May 5th — Drew accepts the job in AZ.  After some salary wrangling.  Which we did get some success with.  Hilary starts getting moving quotes and we start staging our house to sell it.
  • May 17th – House is ready for showing, house goes on the market.
  • May 18th – Drew leaves for AZ, band boosters fly him out.  He LOVES it there.  He misses Hilary’s >2nd birthday.
  • May 19th – Hilary has a phone interview, hospital is nice but too far away.
  • May 21st – First open house, we go to the temple and the zoo.
  • May 24th – Get an offer on the house, we accept it.  It’s a great offer.
  • May 25th I find a guy who has an idea about having parents co-sign loan.  Won’t involve us having to pay mortgage insurance, but our parents will be on the loan and title.  Grr….
  • May 26th – Hilary flies out to AZ to look for jobs/houses.  She has an AMAZING interview, and an OK interview.  Of course, Hilary’s end of the interview is great, but it is clear that one hospital is a better fit.  Offer on house backs out.  Hilary is devastated.  Really thinks life isn’t fair.  Newsflash, it’s not.
  • May 27th – Hilary sees 10 houses with realtor.  Doesn’t like any of them.  Wants a specific location.  Realtor isn’t helpful.
  • 28th – Another open house.
  • 30th – Another offer on house, we counter it.  Offer disappears.  Realize that people are flaky and stupid.
  • June 3rd – ANOTHER offer on house, we counter it and they accept.  Offer is a fair amount lower then first or second offer but Hilary knows they are the ones to buy the house.  Hilary is devastated.  It is also the last day of school so emotions were just too darn high.  Hilary is also offered the job at the good hospital.  She accepts (WHAT an up and down day!).
  • June 8th – We offer on a house.  It’s not perfect, and far too close to a busy road, but we need a house.  Realtor is super un-helpful, doesn’t know what to bid, they counter at far to high, blah, blah, blah we don’t get the house.
  • June 10th – We officially aren’t going to get that house and we are resigned to the fact that we need to find a rental.  We find that the rental market is crazy hot in AZ, and have a really hard time.
  • June 11th – I contact a realtor that was selling my “dream home”.  She hooks me up with a loan lady, she calls me that night with options including houses to rent and homes to buy.  Options all over the place all of the sudden.  Loan lady says that she can do our loan without us having to co-sign with my parents.
  • June 12th – I send a friend to look at 2 houses with her.  She really likes one.
  • June 14th – We offer on the house, they counter, we accept.
  • June 17th – I fly into Phoenix for the day.  I look at house, I talk with inspector.  House is a go.  We are moving in 10 days.  We literally made this decision THIS day.  Can you believe that?  I call movers.  I get bumped to first class.  Notice many blessings.
  • June 23rd – Sign title on California house we pack like crazy people all week, at the same time I work more then I have ever worked at that hospital.  It is insane at work, and insane at home.  Not a nice combo.  Later appreciate the paychecks.  A. lot.
  • June 26th – Lovely going away party.  Can’t believe we’re really leaving.
  • June 27th – Movers come, house is empty and clean by 2 pm.  I have the best friends, and I am leaving them.  Cry a lot.
  • June 28th – We arrive in AZ, and sign title that afternoon. 
  • June 29th – We get keys.
  • June 30th – Movers come, all of the stuff is in the house by 10 or 11.  We have a lot of stuff.
  • July 14th – Everything is put away, new shelves installed.  Life is good.
So, that’s just over 4 months.
The day did come.  I really couldn’t imagine it, and I must admit there weren’t fireworks last night.  There was a nice episode of In Plain Sight, but it’s the same couch.  BUT the stress is gone.  Sure, there is still stress.  I’m VERY nervous about the new job.  I’m nervous about how Drew’s job is going to work out, but we both had SUCH strong feelings that these were the jobs meant for us. 
This house is so entirely perfect.  I was sad we didn’t have a pool, but with the giant dust storm and all the monsoons you hear a lot of talk about what a pain in the butt pools are right now.  P is safe in our backyard and life goes on.
Life goes on, and it’s a good life.  I am so glad I didn’t jump off the plane.

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    Totally amazing. I love seeing God’s hand like that. But you do need to put June 11th back in because the story doesn’t make sense without it (unless you already know what goes there).

  2. says

    Man, I wish things worked out that well for us!! I’m totally jealous as I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing in Texas? Any suggestions?


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