Potty Training Day #1

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I oddly enough realized that I wrote up Spencer’s potty training on this blog too.  Man, I’ve come full circle.  How sad.

Today was fraught with fun.  Let me tell you my problems.

1.  The 2T underwear I got was a little too well sized.  I ended-up pulling out some of our older kid underwear and it was easier for her to pull up and down.  Horray.  Of course, I was just throwing one pair out to dry in our 114 degree heat while she wore the other pair.  I’ll be doing laundry in a minute.

2.  She really got into the potty practice, and kept doing it.  So, it’ be sit down — jump up, no time to pee and then she’d run around and then sit down, blah, blah, blah {picture Hilary wanting to pull her hair out}.  I finally just set a timer and made her sit for 3 minutes on the potty teach time she said she needed to go.  This made it a little less fun, but we still had potty practice when she wet.

3.  We probably had 6 accidents today, and about a similar amount into the potty.  This morning she’d just pee wherever she was without a care in the world til’ I noticed.  This afternoon she was finally running to say she needed to go potty (although, it’s still just “something to do” so there’s still a lot of false alarms).;

4.  We started our day in the kitchen, and then we moved into the living room (much of it is tile and I let her sit on the couch with a protective pad under her).  This evening she made it to the playroom.

5.  The main reward in all of this is how cute little people’s buns look in panties.  A-dorable.

I think my plan tomorrow is to stay downstairs playing and just set a timer to go off every 1/2 an hour for dry pants checks.  I’ll try and mention a couple of times about being dry in between that, just to remind her.  I think the potty will hang out in the playroom tomorrow morning, and then make its way into the bathroom later in the day. 

And I will cross my fingers, and pray.

I wonder if there were many suicides caused from potty training.  Anyone?

{I know a lot of you are thinking I’m insane to just do it all today, but this method REALLY worked with Spencer and it’s nice to really just focus on it and get it out of the way.  Also, I have classes I’m taking coming up and I just can’t have our sitters having to deal with it, it’s not fair — hence.  Potty, potty, potty, potty…. POTTY}

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