Kind of forgot that this is my “word” of the year this year.  I mean, it comes to mind every now and then.  I am feeling like my life is VERY abundant right now.  Lots of good friends, good times with the kids.  Feeling basically quite lucky.

Yesterday at church the talks were about abudance (sort of) but it got me to thinking about how abundance goes hand in hand with my current weight loss plan.  I eat what I want, when I’m hungry.  I have plenty of the things I need.

Today is a new leaf in weight loss-ville.  I’ve obviously done this MANY times, but I do feel pretty fortified towards the goal today.  I’d like help. 

You can read about it all on my weight loss blog.  That thing hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately, but it’s time to get in the zone.  The zone where I am healthy.  Wanna join me?

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    Yes. Include me please. I think that while I am doing well on my exercising (you’d be proud…at the gym at 6 every day this month), my eating needs to do a bit better. I’m losing slowly, but I know I can do more!