Happy Halloween

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While “whole family” photos will be available later this week I thought I’d give you some of the goodies from our costumes before our school’s “Monster Mash”

First off, our little partner in crime, Robin.  Can I just mention I made this cape with no pattern.  I think it might be my finest piece of rogue craftsmanship.

and, in true Halloween spirit he is sportin’ a Jack O’Lantern grin.  Love that kid.

And, on to the Green Lantern…  I am thinking he may have had some crime fighting to do, rather then have his picture taken.  When exactly will this “phase” end?
I love that this costume consists of a T-shirt, mask and ring.  I didn’t lift a finger other then to buy stuff on Amazon. :)

And finally our tiny cat burgler…  Frankly, if anyone on the planet should be allowed to wear unitards it should be 3 year olds because this girl knows how to shake it when she’s in this outfit.  It’s too cute.
Cat-like reflexes…

And, for your view pleasure or pain, a glimpse at the wonder woman herself:
I wish her lasso of truth would work.  no really, I do.
Our little band of caped crusaders had a great time at the Monster Mash and already has big plans for Halloween night.  Hope you do too!
 If you loved these costumes, please go vote for us on this page (we are #32).  I’m petty far behind, but I figured maybe if I got all of Drew’s students to do it…

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