Monday, January 07, 2013

Mom-Hacking #1: Fasting

I added LifeHacker to my flipboard.  I really like how they break down a few things to show you how to make them easier.  Turns out, they aren't particularly hacking MY life.  A lot of techno-stuff and maybe a few more man-oriented stuff. 

Turns out I need a mom-hacker. :)  I need someone to show me things they've done to make things easier in THEIR job (and I do say job, mothering is 100% a job -- the pay and benefits are negotiable).

So, one of my problems was kids on fast Sunday.  The hunger, the whining.  Conner would turn into a beast.  He also would often forget that fast Sunday was the next day (even though I have it in my astrid to remind everyone) and then really be screwed by not eating much the night before.

So, I made fasting cookies on Saturday night.  We all helped out and made some delicious cookies from my pintrest board.

I pretty well let Conner eat until he was full (he's pretty good at that, and I don't allow binges on cookies and the like very often) and I didn't hear a single complaint yesterday.  He may have had like 4 or 5 cookies.  If anyone's seen Conner you'd know that the boy doesn't need to be calorie counting.

But it got me to think that fasting requires preparation.  You really need to think about what you need (or those around you need) at that point in time.  And part of the fast needs to be filling your tank sufficiently the night before.  Conner and I even talked about fasting as we scooped cookies.

Anyway, that's what I mom-hacked recently.  What did you mom-hack?

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