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How I got rid of what I thought was a HORRIBLE sinus infection that would TOTALLY need antibiotics with Wishgarden Kick Ass Sinus Relief {yes, that is its name}

I know, you’re shocked by my title.  I literally had to say the name of this product THREE  times on the phone to my mom.  She was shocked.  Sorry Mom.

Anyway, anyone remember when I ran my school carnival?  I had such a busy week full of mom stuff, and then I went to work the day before.  I had tried to call and get an appointment with my doctor for some INSANE sinus stuff that I just KNEW I would need a prescription for.  He, of course, was booked and there were no appointments in sight, which was fine because I was pretty booked myself!
So, I’m at work wallowing in my paste-filled head feeling.  I bring it up while lactation is there charting and she mentions WishGarden Kick Ass Sinus relief.  Yes, that is completely the name of the product.
My ears perk, it’s available at Sprouts, which is only about a mile out of my way on my way home.  It’s doable, and I stop and grab some.  I race home to give it a try {mind you I had tried EVERYTHING else I could think of — the netti pot wasn’t working anymore, sudafed wasn’t touching it, I was drinking water until my eyeballs were floating}.
I did 4 dropper fulls in about 2oz of water.  I kick it back like a shot and O.M.Goodness this stuff tastes HORRIBLE.  In the 400 people I have shared this stuff with  — my best description is like I licked my compost bin.  It has an earthy dirt-yucca taste to it.
Before bed I did another 2 dropperfuls under my tonge (at which point I wanted to take my tongue out — NASTY), but I was desperate.  I had a terrible headache 24 hours a day, my teeth hurt, my cheeks hurt and were red, my face felt like it was on fire and I was running a giant carnival in less than 24 hours — oh and I have 3 kids.  No biggie.
I wake up the next day and the headache, for the first time in a week, is gone.  Teeth still kinda ache, cheeks are less pink.  I took it 3 times that day (honestly, the taste isn’t bad as you swallow it — it’s after — HORRIBLE after-taste) and I did the carnival pretty darn well.  By the next day, the teeth ache was gone.  I took it 3 more days just to make sure it wasn’t going to rear its ugly head again… and it never did.
I was 100% sure I was going to need antibiotics, and for being a nurse I am REALLY anti-antibiotic. I also was SO short on time and energy and the will to see {yuck}.
I tweeted about how great the product was and Wishgarden thanked me for mentioning them, which got me to thinking if they’d like to do a giveaway — and they DID.
Now, I have only used the Kick Ass Sinus but they sent me Kick Ass Immune, which says it can be used to support your immune system, and also has, it seems, like many of the same upper respiratory things that the sinus relief has.  I can see this being VERY helpful if one of my kids comes down sick.
I also got Kick-Ass Allergy, which has the upper respiratory things, as well as stuff to soothe your allergies.
They also sent me a kids version of the immune system.  I figured it was just a watered down version of the adult stuff — but they change it to be more for their fragile systems, less alcohol in the make-up and more glycerine.  It seems like they think of everything.
Other ones that are on my to-buy list are:  Kun F’u Fighter, Deep Lung and Serious Cough, they have one for kids growing pains that looks interesting, and they also seem to have a lot of good lactation products if you’re looking to feed another human. :)
**Wishgarden did send me 3 of their products for writing this review, but I buy the initial product all on my own, and seriously, if you are my friend, I bet you’ve heard about it.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread (if you have a sinus infection, otherwise I much prefer homemade bread to this stuff).  I did not get paid to write this review, other then the 3 free products.  I really was JUST AMAZED by it, and wanted to share.
So, are you interested in getting some Wish Garden Products of your own?  Wish Garden has gracious offered to give TWO lucky Pulling Curls readers any 3 1oz products of their choice!  Sign up with my rafflecopter below and you might be one of the lucky winners!  SORRY, the GIVEAWAY IS OVER!!!  Congrats to Tania and Wendy!  But, in case you don’t win — they’re having a special for free shipping plus 25% off certain items in their storefront right now.  I think I may be throwing some of the cough stuff in my cart, since that same lactation specialist recommended it.
Anyone else used Wishgarden products?  They can also be bought at your local Sprouts, and probably other retailers.**Commenting on this post is a requirement of entry.  Comment before you enter!  I will delete comment entries that didn’t comment.  Contest is open to us residents only.

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  1. Wendy Rosen Johnson says

    I am interested! Anytime a sinus infection (or any other kind of infection) can be cleared up without using antibiotics, I am a happy camper! – Wendy

  2. Laura Foulk says

    I really hope I win the sinus one. I have had sinus pressure for years. I even had surgery and it did not help. I have tried everything on the market that I know of and I am willing to try something that taste nasty to just get rid of this sinus pressure. Thanks for giving me hope, I never heard of this product before.

  3. amanda says

    would love to try the Kick Ass Sinus relief – ive had sinus issues for years resulting in needing antibiotics at least twice a month if not more often! would love to stop having to take antibiotics!

  4. Kristen Stehli says

    Sinus issues rule my life and have made me have to live on Zyrtec D every day for many, many years. I would love to try this. If I do not take Zyrtec D daily, this is what happens. 1. Within 12-18 hours of having it out of my system I get super stuffy and the congestion that lives in my throat 24/7 since 1997 multiples and gets really out of control. Then my tonsils swell and start discharging rotten nasty tonsil rocks and stuff… then within 24 hours the strep throat comes. Then the 104+ fevers that are REALLY hard to get under 104 come. I am a mom of 5 who is ruled and owned 100% by my sinuses(and allergies). It is miserable. This will happen to me every single time without fail. I tried a Zyrtec and Claritin and other brands without the D for a few days and each time I am sick for a minimum of 45 days and that is with a long battle and then antibiotics. It’s a nightmare,.

  5. choirlady27 says

    I have chronic sinusitis. Had surgery and was well for four whole months! This could be a big help as I also have severe asthma, which is exacerbated by the sinus problem.

  6. lisa says

    I’m very interested in the sinus remedy! I’ve been fighting my doctor for years about the surgery she keeps telling me I need.

  7. Kelly O'Malley says

    I would be most interested in the Kick-Ass Sinus. I have a lot of sinus issues and get sinus headaches a lot. I would love to see if this would help.

  8. Patty Walter Briseno says

    Kick Ass Sinus relief! I’m ready to see a specialist. My sinuses are always inflamed, pressure behind my eyes, throbbing teeth. No infection just always in pain. Have tried everything. Nettie Pot twice a day is helpful but nothing ever works completely, just takes the edge off.

  9. Amie schmidt says

    This stuff sounds great. Just wished I could use it in a netti pot and not have to ingest it. :-)

  10. Patti Akers says

    I have a sinus infection now and it is driving me nuts. I think I am going to have to see if my local Sprouts carries this. I get them every summer and hate having to take antibiotics. Thanks for the review and warning about the taste.

  11. PoCo Mom says

    This has been the absolute worst allergy season every for me. My eyes are watery, and were swollen shut at one point, my ears itch, I’m on a prescription dose of Zyrtec, I’ve done one round of prednisone and I’m becoming immune to Sudafed. I would LOVE to win this.

  12. Aubrey Jones says

    this stuff sounds awesome. i am all for natural remedies. the immune one would be great…or the growing pains since we’ve got that going on over here.

  13. Margie Sauvageau says

    My whole family suffers this sinus congestion 24/7 and it really disrupts life. I have a mother who feels horrible with sinus congestion like me but worse. I will give this a try!


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