Can’t decide and not sure WHY I’m deciding

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MAN, I just wrote this post, and it deleted it. It’s really bummin’ me out.
I have really felt like I needed to quit one of my jobs. I have two, and I’d give myself a self-proclaimed quit date as of this next week. It’s tearing me apart, so I kind of wanted to do a “pro” and “con” list.
Hospital A (first hospital I worked at here):
Pros: The staff. They’re great friends, I’d trust them with my life and they’re SO fun to work with. Truly great gals. They have a great educator and she really helps bring concepts together.
Cons: They don’t have a steady population base, I am note guaranteed hours, although that’s true for all per diem situations, you are the low-man on the totem poll.
Hospital B (I’ve been here just under a year)
Pros: There are a few nurses on the staff whom I love. But, most seem to be there to get their job done, and they leave. Rare to find comraderie or love in this workplace. They have a TON of patients for the last year. Too many, in fact. SEems like we’re always understaffed. However, this does mean I can pick up a fair amount of on call, and wage-earning opportunities.
Cons: I think I named them above. But this hospital doesn’t have an educator and I feel like if I stayed there I’d just kind of “float” (and not really learn much).

I think my heart stays to stay at hospital A and my head says to stay at B. I am obviously more at home at A… and money’s not all I’m in this for.

Can anyone see which way I’m leaning? My mom mentioned tonight why I feel like I need to leave either. A good question, and I would think that after some talking with management I could maybe do it… Just not sure. Family is my #1 priority, and I need it to stay that way, I just worry that I’m hurting the family by keeping both. Drew’s totally behind me with whatever, but totally not pushing me one way or the other. {Sigh}


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  1. Anonymous says

    Count your many blessings you have a choice between two jobs. And go for the talking with management for sure, can’t hurt to ask. Look I signed anonymous cuz I’m cool. Texas gal

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