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So, I went to band this morning, “helped” out a little. I fear I only see flaws, and I’m a yeller. Perhaps it’s a nice way to get out some agression. The kids were impressed with how loud I can yell. I’m fairly sure I can yell louder now, as a mother, than I could as a drum major.
Then, I went to a baby shower. I’d like to admit that I am not a big shower fan, but it was SO nice to just be able to sit down. No one screaming in my face, no house to clean. Drew wasn’t able to watch the kids (shocking, but true, he was at BAND). So, my friend Emily’s husband watched the boys. It was huge. I mean, just to have some talk even for an hour totally rejuvenated me. AND, since Spencer was totally asleep by the time we got home, and I popped in a movie for Conner, I can have a little relaxation.
Anyway, what her husband did was huge for me. I have been SO tired of my kids lately, and my life. I feel underappreciated and overworked and over-tired and really bored. I’m sure he doesn’t know how huge it was for me. They don’t have kids, and some day, they will. Sometimes I wonder if I’m “there” for people in ways to help them out like this. Not big things for me, but huge things for them. I pray that I’m able to do those kinds of things.
And now, I’m going to tidy up a bit.

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    One reason I love reading your blog and emailing you is because you can articulate things things so well – things I feel the same about as a mom and woman but have a hard time expressing. That’s one way I think you are really “there” for others – but letting us know we aren’t the only ones out there feeling the same way. You rock!

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    Yeah…you’re totally there for me.
    I like having a friend on the other end of the computer. Love talking to you. Totally know how you feel…I almost kill my kids a lot. It is so nice ot just have a small break and feel like you can face it again.

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    Aww ( this is in reply to all your kids blogs) so sorry you are having a rough time. You are in the thick of things right now. You have a toodler and a school ager that is really hard!!! So don’t think you are the only one or doing something wrong – it is just plan tough. Date nights are great and just about anything that will let you let off some steam! Venting on your blog helps too! :-)

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