Stake Play

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No, it is not a play about meat — LDS church groups are devided into large church groups which are called Stakes. We even have stake houses, but that’s a blog for another day.
Anywho, for the past few weeks Drew’s Tuesdays have been taken-up by Stake Play, and although I’ve been glad that he’s only had to go once we had the kidos in bed, I’ve missed seeing him on our one “free night” a week.
I forget though. I forget how much the youth love this play. I forget how different LDS youth look (in general) from the other youth I see at Drew’s high school. I forget that a play can be fun and quirky, and wholesome. I forget how much TIME leaders put-in to these youth groups.
It was fun to go tonight, and be reminded of these things. And thankfully, I won’t have to be reminded of them for another 3 years (although Drew is vowing this was his last one).

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