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Last night a friend of mine handed me a thank you card. I thought it was just from a co-worker for a baby present. Turns-out it was from my last patient at Regional. Some of you might remember that I had a prolapse cord as my last patient there. I won’t go into details, but I have also seen babies die from prolapse cords, but because we caught it quickly and with my hand in a particular area, we were able to save the baby.
I was really touched from the card. It was from the grandma and also from the mom. Just saying how whenever they look at their sweet baby they’ll remember the hands that saved his life. They gave me this cool egyptian drawing called hands of love or something. Just saying that God put me there that night to save their baby.
Although I am sure that any nurse could’ve saved there baby, it is nice to know that I was the one that did that. I also know that the prize I gave them of a healthy baby boy (they named him Malichi) was WAY more than what CK would’ve shipped my way.

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    That is priceless! I got the chills when I read your entry. Nurses are the coolest! I’m going to give you a call tomorrow so be sure you sit by the phone and wait for me to call. j/k.

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    What a COOL story!! Hall of Fambay Shambay! No one can beat you on that. Do a layout on this with a picture of the card. I LOVE the name Malachi too – Tyler would have been this had his Daddy not rolled his eyes when I mentioned the name. He’s a persistant chracter in the Bible so I guess it fits his persoanlity – he was meant to be in this world.

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    such a cool story… God puts you were you are needed. CK so isn’t even a drop in the bucket… i’m still sorry you didn’t get it but saving a baby’s life is so completely amazing.

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