Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Simple Gesture

I had a patient on Tuesday evening (I worked post partum... don't ask). She was so sweet, it was her 3rd c-section, her 6th child and she was just such a great mom. Totally up and walking, doing everything for that sweet little baby and then her kids came to visit. It wa the first time she'd had a real meal (prior to this she'd been on a soft diet which mostly consists of mashed potatoes and pudding). I walked in and she's feeding it to her kids. I was just so touched and realized that so many moms give up SO much.
Later that evening I noticed her sheets were a little dirty, so I changed them for her. She just sat there, amazed that someone would do that kind of task for her. As I made the bed (and frankly, I'm not the best bedmaker in the world and it's basically one of my LEAST favorite jobs) I thought about how it was a joy to make the bed for this woman, who -- most likely, never gets anything done for just HER. It would be nice to serve someone so deserving more often.
BTW, for all you LDS ladies out there -- the General RS Meeting is this Saturday at 5 (Grand Road building if you're in my stake) -- I'm hopin' to get some ladies together for a girls night out after.
Wanna come?


  1. Ya know, an awesome nurse (like you) can make that post-childbirth day or two so much better. I had great nurses after the last baby and I was kind of sad to leave the hospital. Those small things (like the sheets) really matter!

  2. It is nice to help people always, but especially when you can see how much they give of themselves for others!

    MC is having a dinner before the broadcast for all the ladies in the ward. I love it here! (Although, deep down inside I hope not to go because of a new baby or in delivery or something!)

  3. Awww...wish I could hang out with you after the broadcast!

  4. What a nice nurse you are!! I bet you made her laugh too!


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