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Alright, my blog readers, I have a question for you.
Prior to my current work-out regeim, I’d get sore almost a day and a half later. So, if I worked out on Monday, Tuesday afternoon I’d notice getting up off the couch after reading with Conner, that my legs were sore, and by dinner time they were really buggin’.
Yesterday, I did a rockin’ leg and glute routine (so rockin’ in fact — I only did 25 minutes before my legs were shaking so much I Could barely even stand-up) and then my legs were sore yesterday afternoon.
Does anyone know why that might happen? I asked Conner this morning and he said, “I don’t know I’m not a nurse.” Obviously, the nurse part isn’t helping much here.

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  1. says

    I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I do know that when I jumped into a really hard leg workout (the shaking and all) I felt it by that same afternoon! Then it turned to hurting and even walking wasn’t fun for almost two days. For me, it meant I overdid it. Once I could walk again, I had to scale it down and work up to the full workout. Good luck! Good-on-ya’ for being so diligent!

  2. says

    Everything I learned about in nursing school got mixed up in my noggen, but I think I has to do with you damaging you muscles when you work out, but then they heal even stronger. Isn’t there lactic acid buildup too? Forget, I don’t remember

  3. shannon says

    You’re most likely to be sore on day 2 after a hard workout. Don’t worry. Unless it’s stabbing pain, it just means you did a ROCKING job on your workout and there will be results! :) Sore is good. Pain is your friend.

  4. says

    The reason it hurts is because when you put that much strain on your muscles lactic acid builds up in the muscle and takes a while to be flushed out of your system. You should alternate workouts- don’t work the same muscle group back to back. Also- drink more water- a lot more. If you keep following the same routine + water, your body will get used to it and stop hurting after 2-3 weeks.

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