Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Complete Disaster

We had a little miscommunication last night at work. Absolutely nothing bad happened, except perhaps that the doctor lost a few moments of his precious sleep. It was a learning moment for all involved.
The doctor (who I normally adore) comes out and says (he has a REALLY thick middle-eastern accent)"HILARY, that was a complete disaster."
I looked at him. I've had prolapse cords with this doctor, hysterectomies you name it, we've done it and I was dumbstruck.
This was the antonym (1st graders sang that song today while I was spying) of a complete disaster. It was fine.
I was wondering how often I do that. I know I do it a lot. Blow things out of proportion. This time it was just so obvious for me to stare at. I was totally taken aback.
Anyway, good lesson for me. For, as far as it is in my mind -- complete disasters usually end in death, or the los of a limb at the very least. For instance (for purely my own edification):
Spilling milk, not a complete disaster.
Forgetting our coat at school, not a complete disaster.
Paying regular price for something, not a complete disaster.
Having the wrong social security number with the job you've had for 2 years, not a complete disaster.
Maybe that should be my new mantra:
"this is not a complete disaster"
Childhood favorite Christmas tune now on the player -- check it out.


  1. This is a rockin' good blog

  2. So you comment on your own blog! :-P I read them all but don't comment on everyone. Well if no one died then it is not a disaster but man that would be hard to hear. You must have a stong backbone!!


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