Friday, May 25, 2007

Trashy Meeting

Some of you might have seen how the hospitals around here have been throwing medical waste into the regular landfill. Which, I think we can all agree -- is disgusting. They've been finding syringes and air canisters and well, I'll just stop there for those of you with feeble stomaches.

So, we had this mandatory meeting about our waste management. I couldnt' help by chuckle at some of it. Perhaps my mind is twisted (k, my mind is twisted) but when a large black man is talking about where I can dispose of my maxi pads... I just have to laugh. Really. Especially due to the fact that they paid me just about 60 bucks to go to that meeting. But, I guess it's costing the hospital millions, so that's no good for anyone.

So, my maxi pads can go in the trash, but if I take them off someone else -- I should red bag it -- fyi. :)

Weekend update:
First off, apparently our gas cap was at fault for our check engine light... and how much could a gas cap cost, you might ask? 92 bucks. That's how much. In parts and LABOR... who knew you could get screwed by screwing. :)
I also have a new layout on inspired scrapbooking. It's one of those with LOTS of pictures on it. I'm fairly proud. :) Oh, and I sewed on it. Check me out.

1 comment:

  1. Well I'm glad the hospital is doing something about the problem. Yucko.

    And your layout does rock. :)


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