Why I can’t Homeschool, but I’d like to consider it…

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A lot of Mormons homeschool. There, it’s out, I’ve said it.

I, however, am not one of them.

But, yesterday for 1 hour I was considering it. You see, the ever-loved Ms. Dodson is looping with her first graders from last year (including Conner), and she’ll be teaching all second grade this year. HOWEVER, my trusty PTA board member friend called me and said she is listed for first grade, not second. OK, by way of back-story I’ll mention that most of the schools in our district do not share with students who their teacher will be until this evening after the office closes (school starts next weel). I hate it, I hate it, I. hate. it. I would love to talk to my kid during the summer about his teacher, who his friends will be, if he knows anyone in the class we could set-up a play date as school gets closer, but they prefer to leave us in the dark so that those prone to nervousness will just get nervous-er. There’s a good chance they’re in ka-hoots with the makers of Xanax… Anyway, back to yesterday I ran my house for an entire hour yesterday stewing over who Conner would have instead of Ms Dodson this year… wishing I’d put in a request, all that jazz. Turns-out, the PTA gossip chain is just that, gossip (lesson learned to not listen to gossip — at least it’s learned for this week) and she will be teaching 2nd grade and although I am unable to know completely where my son is, I’ve had a knowing wink sent to me via email. That wink soothed a lot of anxiety. Anyway, I hated that hour, I hated the whole thing where I have no control of what’s going to happen to my child. I have always been of the camp that children need to have good and not-so-good teachers so they can learn to grow-up in different types of environments. {sigh} glad he’ll be in a good one this year. I’d prefer to leave the stress til’ next year. Also, I hate it when he picks-up naughty words (we have a girl in our class who always says “oh my G**”) I hate it, and I have yet to figure out a way to STOP it. Comment if you have a nice way that won’t leave me as the mean mom. Other kids can totally teach your kids bad things. Of course, they can also help them become a functioning member of society, which is hopefully my final output. Homeschool does have benefits, I’ll agree.

Anyway, back to why I won’t home school.

I am a nazi mom. My kids have done homework all summer long, both of them. Around 9:15 we pull-out Spencer’s workbooks and flashcards, and Conner has a nice couple of workbooks covering spelling, math, time/money/measurement and reading comprehension. And then, along with all that I make him write a little something every day… to keep up the good writing instruction he gets at school. It is SO hard to teach to both of them. They are obviously on different levels. Conner is solving triple-digit math problems and Spencer is sounding out “cat”, and making sure he doesn’t leave-out the number 8 when he’s counting(eight’s a tricky number I’ve found)… I feel like I need to devote more attention to Spencer but then Conner feels left-out. Phewsh, I just don’t know how the home-schooled sector does it. And frankly, I don’t want to know. I do believe Conner learned a fair amount this summer. He has most-definitely gotten faster at his basic addition and subtraction as well as money and a little bit of time (but not as much as I’d like). Anyway, hats off to you homeschool moms… and good luck.

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    You’re such an awesome mom. Can you give me some tips of things I can do with Ethan? He’ll be 2 in November…I read to him a lot and take him to the library, do crafts, and have little pictures that I have him tell me what they are. What can I do with him now? Also, my friend wants that website for the place that you sign up and they send you monthly crafty things to do with the kids. Could you send that to me?

  2. says

    I thought about homeschooling for the obligatory second, and then quickly realized I am so not cut out for it.

    I would be a mess. Thankful Bria’s teacher seems to be wonderful this year. She seems happy. She’s learning lots. It’s all good.

  3. says

    I too would looove to home school when the time comes, but I don’t know how I could possibly do a good enough job with so many chitlins running around. But Hil, I honestly think you could pull it off fine.

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