Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Day for Me

We always go to church, but today I just couldn't. I'd been fending off a cold for weeks, and with no "sick" days I decided to stay home for myself today. So I did. I watched 12 hours of Anne of Green Gables -- the entire series. So touched by what a great story it is, and how it wills you to be a better person.
And then I came out to the news about President Hinckley. I am such a mess inside about it. Of course, it doesn't help that I've spent watching 12 hours of girl drama. For those of you not of my faith -- President Hinckley is the prophet of our church. He's been in the first presidency since before I can remember and he was sustained as prophet my freshman year of college. I have had such a huge testimony of him. It's hard to imagine how I could love a man as much as my grandfather who I have only met once, and even then it was very briefly -- but I do feel as if a member of my own family has passed away.
I am so grateful for his service, and I can only imagine the reunion for him in heaven. SO many people have been helped by him. I hope the media catches this story and people around the world realize what an amazingly loving and giving man he was.


  1. After the initial shock of the news, I'm mostly filled with gratitude that he's with his wife again. I adore her perhaps even more than I love him, and it had to be so difficult for them to be apart.

  2. I think that we all feel like we lost a family member. So very sad. But, in a way, it's very happy and exciting for him. I am sure he appreciates the brief rest. :)

  3. I love Anne of Avonlea... I mean Cordelia. She is a kindred spirit. I always wanted to be her....


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