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So, I emailed a lot of my friends around here as to who they get their insurance though. I got a lot of interesting responses, but I thought I’d post what I’ve gotten as far as quotes. Right now we go through Allstate (although, most likely not for much longer). These are the costs for homeowners and car for an entire year — #1 being the cheapest, and going on from there:

1. Geico (with a home policy through Traveler’s) $1556
2. Ameriprise (through Costco) $1667.60
3. Liberty Mutual (gives a BYU discount) $1673
4. AAA $1673
5. State Farm $1938.08
6. Current Allstate plan $1950.62
7. Farmer’s $2137.42
8. 21st Century (with teacher union discount) $2147

It has beeen a HUGE pain to go through all of this, and my next stop is to figure out how customer service is, etc. I’d be interested to know if any of you have had dealings with any of the top 3 or so — customer service wise. I know we got a great quote through esurance but Drew and I felt they were too new and it made us nervous, so I didn’t call for a home quote, etc.
Anyway interesting though — isn’t it?

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  1. says

    I haven’t had any of those insurances, mainly because Geico was never cheaper for us. But, I just wanted you to know that I HATE insurance…all kinds! I think that insurance people are making big money off the rest of us…and personally, I’m tired of making everyone else rich!

  2. Erin Bingham says

    I have my homeowners through Geico/Travelers. My dishwasher burst a hose and warped my kitchen floor. They sent a local appraiser out, and I got a check within a week or so. It worked pretty good for me. No complaints here.

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