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Where was I when President Hinckley became president? Well, funny you asked. :) I was a freshman at BYU, in my first little relationship in one of the best and most carefree times in my life. I thought I knew the church was true, but honestly my faith hadn’t been tried much. I’d lived in the Utah bubble for quite some time, and let’s face it I was only 18. I remember sitting in the conference center at President Hunter’s funeral. I was so touched by all he had done, but I was also very excited that President Hinckley would be prophet, as I had already enjoyed him a lot. I remember the first time he came to speak at BYU as the prophet and the strong feelings I receieved that he was doing God’s will on earth.

So, here we are 13 years later. And where am I now, and how has he changed that? Well, I’ve experienced a fair amount in those 13 years, death of 4 close family members, married, 2 kids big move to CA, and those just being the highlights. My life is full of worries, but honestly I look to the prophet’s words as such a comfort, and I’ve learned to rely on what they say — because I know my life will be blessed when I take their guidance.

I think my favorite thing of President Hinckley is how struck he was with grief over the loss of his wife. It was real. It showed a man who was just like me — trying to live the gospel, trying to have faith but who also has horrible things happen to him. I think that’s what I appreciate most. He articulated his grief and helped us all realize (he and us both) that he would see Marjorie again, and we would see our loved ones. And THAT is what the gospel is all about. The things that matter most (which doesn’t include how our mortgage will be refinanced in the next year) will be preserved, and until that time we have to live our lives by faith.

I’m so grateful for him, and for his family for sharing him with us.

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    Isn’t it funny? That is what I loved most about him too. He was so human, and approachable, and you could tell that he loved Heavenly Father.

    I loved how much he loved his wife, and it gives me such joy to know that they are together again.

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    Oh how I truly love the prophet. What a beautiful service. I wonder how long it will be before our RS lesson manual will be from his teachings. The JS is so thick now can you only imagine what GBH’s book will be like. quote…”Life is to be enjoyed not just endured…” I’ve been hanging on to GBH’s thought for a while now. We’re all a better person because of him.

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    That’s really what struck me today during the funeral services was when several people described his real sorrow and grief when Sis. Hinckley died. He was SO relate able! I’d been thinking since he died that I shouldn’t feel sad, yet I did. I wondered if I just needed more faith, but then knowing that even President Hinckley grieved the loss of someone he loved taught me that it’s not about a lack of faith, for surely his faith never wavered. In fact, in faith he got up and “put his shoes on and went to work”. It is simply the way we, as mortals, feel…sad to be parted from those we admire and love and from those who bless our lives. But, like this wonderful prophet did for 97 years, I, too must put my “shoes” on each day and “go to work”.

    Apparently I need my own post about this!

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