Sunday, March 23, 2008

So, this is our Easter

After seeing all my friends amazing Easter Photos, I just couldn't stop myself from editing mine. And yes -- I even included a photo of myself, skin isn't quite as good as last time though (so no close-up).
I taught Relief Society today. Of course, eveyone realized how much I struggle with my life, and I found that one of our classmembers wasn't down with how realistic I am with my life. I'm not going to say that it's easy for me to serve strangers, it's something I work on. Although, unlike many of them I am put in a situation every time I go to work -- to serve them. So, it's nice I get to work on it so frequently. Anyway, my lesson was on Joseph B Worthlin's "The Great Commandment". I mostly asked people to step outside themself and stretch themselves. Whether that's serving their family, their friends or strangers -- to find a new way to serve those around us.
We watched the "Believing in Christ" movie (I think the church sent it out a couple years ago at Easter). I was so touched by how Jesus served all people, and so willingly. I am grateful for the example he set for us, and those that wrote it down so we could remember it.
Anyway, that's what Easter is all about. Love, service and believing in Christ. Oh, and jellybeans -- but those are pretty low on the list. Happy Easter!


  1. Love the Easter photos. I am so mad at myself that I had two completely full cards after the pictures I took indoors. I couldn't do any of the Egg hung without deleting something not saved to the computer. Gah.

    You look and all.

  2. Awesome photos!

    Any more photo tutorials coming our way?

  3. GREAT Easter photos! Your boys are getting so big and wow their hair is getting darker (like their Dad's). :P

  4. Great pictures- and you do look thinner! Way to go! Oh and I can't remember if I confirmed that I do want you to take our family pics when you're in town. We don't have any major plan around then and I know your Utah time is a high commodity so you say when and we'll make it happen. :)


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