A Very Special Day Indeedy-doo

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Saturday was a VERY special day at our house. Conner was able to be baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was such an amazing feeling to have our family and our friends so close to us. We so rarely have that here and I really felt so much joy that day, and so blessed. Some of you might wonder why on EARTH we didn’t just do it while we were in Utah. Well, I questioned it myself. Was it selfish to make our parents fly here?
Well, it probably was, but for our children they most likely see our friends as more of their aunts and uncles than their actual aunts and uncles. They are such great role models to them and we love them all SO much. We were grateful that many of them are good priesthood holders and were able to stand in the circle. I meant to get a photo of all the men that helped confirm him, but I forgot {sigh}.
We followed to ordinance with a yummy lunch. We did BBQ pork sandwiches (I did 2 roasts and I still have a lot of leftovers — we used Costco rolls for the rolls), and my generous friends all brought salads. We also bought a costco cake (seen above).
You know, it was amusing as I watched how our church works. The men all went up and helped confirm him. The women all helped me by bringing salads and being there for us (and holding kids while daddies went up to confirm).
I know that’s what heaven is like — just like that day. Surrounded my family and friends, feeling the spirit of joy and love. It’s nice to experience that every now and then.
Roddy took some family photos and hopefully I can get my hands on those and share them with you soon.

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    I SOOO wish we could have been there to be a part of Conner’s special day!I know Trevor would have loved to have seen Conner take that big step. I can’t believe he’s already 8! Where did the time go?

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    What a wonderful day! Baptisms are so special in familys and with friends and one of the things I just love about the church is the spirit of friendship (like helping bring salads, support each other, etc.)

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