Monday, October 27, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Hints

So, just because there's a picture -- doesn't mean that you're all gonna figure it out. Reminder: They're cartoon characters, they go together, and Spencer is NOT Tigger (and I wouldn't recommend calling him tigger because he gets mildly bitter with you).
First one gets a lovely shout-out from me. :) And yes, a shout out is all the energy I have after a weekend full of halloween stuff.


  1. I actually had a dream about what your boys were going to be for Halloween!! I have no idea why! In my dream they were the characters from Mario Brothers...Mario and the other one.

  2. Why does Calvin have green hair?

  3. Lookin' great! I'm guessing the hair is yellow really, right? Just looking green on my monitor?

  4. So your kids have some bigger bikes right? HA HA

  5. Nice...tell Calvin and Hobbs they look great!

  6. Calvin & Hobbes!!! I LOVE it! My favorite cartoon of all time. My mind was in the superheroey category.....


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