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I have never had really strong aversions during either pregnancy. Until this one, and the very thought of popcorn makes me want to hurl. This is very amusing to my husband since I ate it almost every day all summer (which is quite possibly the reason I am so strongly opposed to it now). Less amusing to him since our children get a “popcorn party” every Sunday when they have good behavior during church. Guess who’s in charge of making it now? Hee, hee…. Other than that I’m pretty good.

As far as cravings, it’s all about cheese. Oh, and deli sandwiches (subway 5 dollar menu is my friend — esp since they will toast your sandwich now and you’re supposed to have deli meat unless it’s heated in pregnancy — supposidly) and PIZZA. Did I mention I made Drew go get me a slice of pizza at Costco last week while we were watching election returns. He wasn’t amused.


So far I haven’t really gained weight (except for Saturday but I blame it on the cheese fries I enjoyed on Saturday night — delish!), but I mostly just hoping to stay under 200. I doubt I will lose any more from here out now that I’m 16 weeks, but perhaps I’ll start throwing up one of these days.

You know, I have some hope. :)

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