First off, my thoughts on ultrasounds. NO ONE is more giddy than me when a couple doesn’t know what they’re having. I think it’s SO exciting and thrilling, much more than usual. I love to announce it and see their reactions to the big news, and hear their calls to family. Oddly enough, I think I’ve had more lately who’ve wanted to make it a surprise. But we found-out today and the reasons are 2 fold.

1. I have access to an ultrasound machine 24/7 at any point I want it. That means my will has to last until the end of April, and what are the chances of that. Low, at best — fyi.

2. In a situation where you might have some inkling of disappointment when you find out, I think it’s best to find out when your baby is just a peanut instead of when it’s crying on your chest. Just my own personal opinion, but I have seen the disappointment, and it breaks my heart.

BUT, without further adieu….

Hilary will be shabily dressed, because this baby’s gonna need some new clothes. We’ll be welcoming a baby girl into our home in the end of April (she put my due date on April 24th — which is what I have suspected, but Kaiser will keept it at April 17th — which is fine, because I will go on maternity leave earlier). I made her make SURE she was sure. We saw all the girl parts (both sides, I don’t want some labia confused with a penis). Anyway, she was pretty sure, and she even made me pretty sure — and heavens knows I’m a skeptic. I will most likely have another one at work where we all gather round and see if we see anything. So, the wait is over, and I am happy to have that done with. Now bring on the isles of pink stuff. :) Oh, and for all the rest of her body it seemed to check out. Of course, the ultrasound tech can’t tell us anything but I didn’t notice her being bothered by anything, and I didn’t see anything (but let’s say my ultrasound skills are limited, I thought I saw a penis at least 3 times — I’m guessing it was probably a foot or something upon further evaluation).

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  1. Sarah says

    Oh yay!!! What a relief that everything seems okay. It’s hard to imagine you as the mom of a GIRL!! Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous says

    Congratulations! You will enjoy having a girl. I haven’t had the time to read blogs much lately so it was fun to catch up on yours for a few minutes. What a fun surprise to hear about your pregnancy. Hope all goes well and you endure the not so fun parts. It’s sounds like you have already endured a few with the glucose test. I’ve been there and done that-not fun. I’m glad you haven’t been to sick. It was fun to read your blog about you cravings. Pizza is always on my list of things I hate. Something to do with vomiting a lot when I’m pregnant.Anyway take care. If you lived closer I would give you all my girl clothes-Kara

  3. Shirley says

    This is great news! Drew, being the only boy in his family, but with lots of sisters, should be great with a daughter, huh?
    Unfortunately, I didn’t keep much in the way of baby girls clothes to pass on to you. After 3 girls, they were pretty worn out/damaged. Well I can at least pass on advice. lol

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