Drew and I were just trying to figure out how to get all that we want in our garden, actually INTO our garden. The seedlings are growing strong (mental note, take picture). Our hopes are to do cantaloupe (kids really want to, although I’m sure the squirrels will be the happiest over this one), cherry tomatoes (different colors — thanks to our fancy hybrid seeds), regular tomatoes (I think ours are called Celebrity tomatoes), cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, peas, carrots (different colors, super fancy), zuchinni, beans, raspberries, green onions, garlic and potatoes. We’ve grown them all before except for potatoes (any ideas people?), but we’re mixin’ up the garden this year. Rotating crops, all that jazz. Maybe hoping to throw the squirrels off. :) Since the drip system was the big project last year, I would like Drew to build some tomato cages this year — out of fencing. Have any of you ever done this? We have the crappy wire kind, but it’s time to get some bigger guns. :)

Also took this fine Sunday to do some scrapbooking. Again, NOTHING fancy (in fact — the bottom of the layout on the right got cut off… that’s annoing, it just says Easter… but still).. just gettin’ it done. Making pages for the kids to flip through. Trying to be the best mom ever. Of course, I will need my new diaper bag before I get that title OFFICIALLY. :) Oh, and if anyone wants to give me diaper coupons, don’t feel like I’d be offended by your fine acts of generosity.

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    ok, I have a few questions. You are planting alot of different vegies in your garden. How large is your plot? How have you prepared the soil? Do you get a large amount of produce? I have been trying the last 2 years and so far have been unsuccessful at getting a good garden going. Thanks for any input you could offer!!

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