Nobody Move, my pelvis is still intact

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I literally had dreams about my pelvis being broken last night. I’m not sure what I did — but it wasn’t pretty. I could barely walk last night. The baby’s not low enough to cause that kind of pain. It is possible for your pelvis to separate when you’re pregnant, and I’ve heard that it’s more painful than the baby coming out (and there’s nothing you can do about it). Anyway — today it’s better, but I am taking it easy. Taking it easy doing what you might ask?

1. Went through the food storage this AM. Sometimes I don’t think my family realizes what it takes to keep us stocked in their favorite goodies on my limited budget. In fact, I am fully aware they have no clue. Sometimes that really bothers me.
2. Adjusted the sprinkler system — although, I wouldn’t put this under the “taking it easy” sub-heading.
3. Crying over my seedlings that are all dying once we plant them. Really, I am that sad about it. Had to buy cantaloupe at OSH yesterday. Bitter.
4. Listening to conference, and crocheting around a baby blanket to use for someone’s baby. Not my own, thanks so much.
5. Organized the changing table today.
6. Fantasizing about my new dishwasher.

Obviously, it’s a very full day. :)

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  1. says

    I am very glad that your pelvis is okay. The last month of pregnancy is THE WORST. Remember when I pulled my groin with Sophia almost a month before I had her? That was so uncomfortable and well, painful.

    I will pray for your seedlings.

  2. says

    I had horrendous pain in my groin area this whole pregnancy and then the last week it went to a pain that was indescribable. I finally found a name for it and was glad to see that I wasn’t just making up the pain – it was a real thing. I had almost all of the symptoms listed….while the pain was horrible, it was nice to finally know what it was. Here’s a link…. Since I’ve delivered, the pain has been fading every day. It’s still there a little bit, but now it’s just more of a dull ache, instead of excruciating pain.

    Hope yours gets better!!

  3. ♫ Spasm ♫ says

    saw your comment on Lara’s blog about the cream cheese on the CIN rolls and totally laughed. good luck w/ your baby stuff. :)

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