Back to School!

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Tomorrow, Drew is back and I will welcome my life back with the 3 kiddos, taking the reigns. Drew starts band camp, which — although he’s not paid for it — is the longest week of the year for him, 8-5 every day and lots of stuff to do once he’s home. It’s hard to go from full time manny to full time teacher… where, oh where is the in-between?

Anyway, I realized on Monday that I needed to take the boys for their back to school trips. So far it’s only been Conner, but now I needed to take Spencer for his trip as well. I give each child 20 bucks to pick a first of school outfit out. I think in the past I’ve done 25, but I found them new undies and shoes already during the summer, so I decreased it to 20…

And then comes the misery. I am HUGELY interested in my kids learning how to deal with money, and use it effectively — but that’s not to say that I enjoy watching them do it. Do they get this top, or that top — they like one more, but one’s cheaper. It’s the same things that go through my own mind (I just do it a LOT faster). I took Conner today, and we had the added bonus of him bringing along some allowance money to spend. {sigh}

However, kids need to know how to spend money. They have to be given money, and the opportunity to use it… it just isn’t fun {for me}.

Conner said he had a great time, and we also had some nice talks about who he wants for his teacher, what he’s excited about, etc. It’s just a good thing to do. I did it with Spencer yesterday, but somehow it wasn’t as painful. Probably because I really want Conner to understand the whole money thing. He’s always trying to borrow from me. I bet you can all guess how that goes over…

A few things I found-out:
1. Short sleeve shirts are already on clearance and in many instances, they’re gone! How weird is that?
2. Kid to Kid is having their clearance. Stuff with the special tags are 25-50% off plus if you buy 3, you get 2 free — AND if you mention the coupon you get another 10% off of that. I went yesterday and got 16 pairs of pants for 45 bucks, I took Conner today and we got 5 shirts for 11 dollars. I think both kids are pretty well set for the year now. Oh, and I also found-out that you can join their “book club” and get a free book for your kids each month you shop there. Conner chose How to Eat Fried Worms. As always, if you’re there, you can get a 3 dollar credit by mentioning me or my blog!
3. One on one time is a valuable tool, esp. now that I have three. I don’t feel like it happens much at home.
4. Still kind of in a funk. What do you suggest?

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