Photo Friday: Yogurt, school, happy

This was our first week of school, but I thought I’d ramp up the excitement until Friday and show the photos now. 
The kids all got priesthood blessings on the Sunday before school, but I felt left out so I gave them a mommy cradle and told them how they were once my baby and now they’re all big and grown up.  The two of these yahoos thought this was hilarious
Someone else thought that lap is JUST for her and had a HISSY fit every time I did it.  So, she needed a mommy cuddle too.

And, of course the legitimate first day of school shots.  P was pretty happy to be in on the photo action this year.  You’ll notice her hair is nice and damp post-chocolate chip pancake-hair.  Thanks wee one!
First day of school 2010 (5th and 1st grades)
Spencer {take that} E.
Conner {sly} E.

Of course, P started her very own mommy school this year, we learned about big and small this week, as well as some table manners (I’m awful at getting the babies to use a spoon, anyone have ideas?).

So, a great week was had by all.  I hope yours was just as fun!
**P.S.  I just downloaded a trial of Lightroom 3.  I am officially in love.  I’m really considering marrying it. :)
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    First Day of School pictures are my FAVORITE! Except I do NOT like how big Conner is looking. I remember when he went into Kindy. :(