The Girl Just Won’t Learn

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Uh, let’s just take a guess at how long this little wonder cried for last night?

What’d you guess, like an hour… two hours… oh, higher still.

Drew went in at 2 hours, her diaper had leaked from all the ranting and renting.  He got to change her ensemble.

I went in at 4 hours.  Her head just hung like a sad puppy or a kid who’s been caught in the candy jar.  She knew it was wrong, I told her so, laid her back down and she went right to sleep.


There were a couple more squawks… but nothing big. 

This morning, when she got up, Conner told her how angry getting up in the middle of the night made him.  She burst into tears and then hugged him.

She knows it’s wrong.  She’s not cold, she’s not sick, she’s just loud.

So, we’ll continue to talk about how nighttime is a time to sleep.  I think I may just yell in there next time.  Why leave my nice warm bed?  Thoughts?  Has your child ever done this?

And then, today after lessons she ate some more playdough.  I did try to get a picture today but it didn’t happen.  What a shame.

The girl isn’t learning.  BUT, today she did say, “bye- bye Daddy, I love you!”  She sure does know how to turn on the charm.

Sadly, at 2 am, charm doesn’t get you far.

And in other news my Miche party rocked it out.  I’m gettin’ a big bag, 6 new shells and a new strap.  Check me out.  Super excited!  People can always order through Andrea, and they’re often having sales.  If something peaks my interest again I’ll give a shout out!

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  1. says

    So sorry about P! I have never had the issues you are having. If only they know how much more fun we could be during the day if they let us sleep at night! If you would like to take a break, or a nap let me know. We’re mostly home and happy to take her for a while!

  2. says

    oh my goodness! I am so sorry! I know with our kids the “crying it out” phase was difficult. But as we watched our kids grown and learn how to be self sufficient, we couldn’t help but think that those nights of endless tears were so worth it.

    You are awesome. :)

  3. says

    wow hilary! i am so sorry. Reading this just makes me appreciate my life so much more…the grass is looking browner from where i’m standing. i do however think it’s an age thing. some kids are fine, others just struggle. it was a bit of a struggle with jonathan (he was my hardest baby for sure) we did alot of pick up, put down when he would do that. he seemed to get it. The concept is…they cry, you come to them, comfort them till they stop crying then as soon as they’re done crying put them back down. if they cry again same thing. it’s a reassurance thing for them that you will be there, but that to go to sleep they need to be in there bed. This is WAY over simplified, but if you want to talk about it more let me know.

    Either way, i hope it gets better sooner rather than later. i’m praying for you

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