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Modern Marvels: Hoover DamI think this is starting to sink it.  This morning I actually said “I think we might be moving” and you might as well let the hoover dam break at that point….
I hadn’t actually ever said it.
And while we are still planning for both options it does look like staying is getting further and further from the realm of possibility.  People wonder if we’ll stay and I’ll just work but that seems silly, the only thing tying us here is Drew’s job.  Plus, do you think your marriage could work with just you working?

I mean, it could… but it’s not exactly pretty.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the continued prayers and happy thoughts.  I love all of my friends so much.  That’s why hoover dam is hiding behind my eyeballs… and, and any minute….

No, I’m fine.  Really. :)

My good friend Angie this morning told me that in a couple of months we’ll look back on this and be so happy with how things have worked out.  I’m trying to remember that.  Again, my friends are the BEST. :)

Have you ever thought things were going to pot and they worked out?  I might need a few stories right now….

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  1. says

    Hilary, I’m sorry that you have to go through this but it really will all work out!

    As for stories to share, where do I begin? I’ll tell you the one that relates the most. So John and I moved far away from family and friends with a brand new baby to Wisconsin for his first real job after college only to have them lay him off a year later. We didn’t know what to do! We had bills to pay, a baby that needed food and diapers and all that, and no job. I didn’t want to move at all but the job hunt ended up moving us back to Utah, a place I did NOT want to go to (no offense to Utahns!).

    I had a hard time adjusting at first but now looking back it all worked out amazingly. It was exactly the place we needed to be at that phase in our lives. We had amazing resources when Miss M was testing and being diagnosed with autism, I was close to the Y and able to go back to school to finish my degree, and the friends and neighbors we had were exactly what we needed while in the babies/toddlers phase. Seriously, there’s a million more things I could point out about how thankful I am that we were laid off and that the Lord was guiding us.

    It WILL all work out. Just keep praying and know that you have family and friends praying for you and willing and eager to help. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

  2. says

    I could share a story, though it’s only partly mine. I remember moving when I was 11 years old. I was getting ready to head to middle school. We took a vacation to Utah to visit my grandparents, and my Dad lost his job. He was offered a job with a friend in Utah and took it. We never even went back to say goodbye. My mom flew to Missouri, packed up the house, and came back to Grandma’s with all of our stuff. I was ok with it, but my older brother had a very hard time. Three years later my Dad found another job in Missouri and we suddenly moved again.
    All of the youth from the ward we were a part in before we’d gone to Utah had trouble. NOT ONE made it through high school without a baby. Seriously, EVERY one of our friends from church. My parents are sure now that whatever was going on with the youth in that ward, the best thing for our family was to miss it. We left at just the right time, and returned to a different situation. Hindsight would have them believe it must have been inspired. I’m glad things worked out the way they did for our family, even though moving seemed hard as a kid.

  3. says

    It will all work out! Keep the Faith! I remember last year at this time wondering how we would possible make it. My husband’s company had given us pay cuts for the last two years in a row and he was trying to finish school. Last February, we were OUT of money. We figured we’d better try to sell our house and move into an apartment, hopefully being able to use the equity on our house to pay for the rest of my husband’s tuition and our growing family’s needs and bills, of course. Well, houses aren’t selling much in Logan and we waited and waited and in the meantime sold lots of things to get by. (Our piano and our dining table and chairs to name a few.) But we just KNEW Zeke needed to finish school, we knew there would be a way. By May, we decided to take our house off the market and leave it up to the Lord. Last summer was the hardest summer we’ve ever had financially speaking — but it was also a great summer :) Then, in August, we sold Zeke’s truck (which was no small miracle!) This was the beginning of the “windows of heaven opening up and pouring down a blessing upon us.” We had enough to pay for Zeke’s tuition and then, out of the blue, Zeke got offered a new job at another company that was much more stable that his previous company. No more pay cuts AND a raise. I never thought we would make to graduation day in December. But here we are, it’s March and things are looking up everyday. I’m so glad we stayed in our house.

    I don’t know the right answer for you, Hilary, but I do know that Heavenly Father has a plan for you.

    It was amazing for me to see that the more we were willing to sacrifice, the more Heavenly Father blessed us. Some people think it’s a little ironic that 2 months after Zeke sold his nice truck that he got a good job. They say, “Oh, that’s so sad, if only you could have waited, if only you would have known.” But Zeke and I both feel if we didn’t sell the truck there wouldn’t have been a new job offer.

    Hang in there!:) A great quote: “Today’s trial is tomorrow’s testimony.” Go back through my blog and read some posts from May to August and you will see how much we have been blessed. :)

  4. says

    So we were moving from Las Vegas in August with no working air conditioner, and we only got half done before we had to leave for Utah for a gig Tim had. While we were there, I caught the H1N1 virus and have never been so sick in my whole life, so a friend had to go back to Vegas with Tim to finish moving out of our house.

    We had nowhere to go, no money, and no job. Homeless and desperate, we crashed with our 5 small children at my mom’s house in Utah and started looking for work there. Nothing.

    After 2 months in limbo, with our stuff stored in a storage unit in Las Vegas, and more in Utah, my aunt moved out of our dream house in Colorado. She’d been renting it while we tried to sell it the whole time we were in Vegas (with many many pleadings in prayer and tears–why wasn’t our beautiful house selling?!). My mom suggested we take whatever we could load in our mini van and trailer and go “camp” at our house in Colorado to get some privacy.

    It seemed like a fine idea, so we came home. To our dream home. Some friends from our ward lent us a mattress and six chairs, and we found an old folding table had been left in the house, and we quickly discovered that God had been saving our house for US–that’s why it didn’t sell.

    And then a lot of pieces that had been hanging, frustratingly unfinished, started falling into place. There were so many many blessings for us here, and we never EVER would have come back to them unless we were forced to–“on paper” it didn’t make sense to go to Colorado, of all places, for a career in music.

    But the blessings were here for us, and just have flowed. We are so much happier here than anywhere we’ve ever lived. It’s a better climate than Vegas! And there are more opportunities.

    We suddenly had a house that was big enough and easy to live in–and it was our own dream house that we had remodeled when we bought it (in 2004) to be just what we wanted, and found ourselves living in a ward where we actually had FRIENDS (that NEVER happens to us!). And there were a LOT of people here willing and anxious to sing with Tim, and patient enough to wait while his groups came together and started to grow. It felt like a sanctuary from the craziness of life.

    It turned out that the homeschooling community here was much stronger, and they have a one-day-a-week homeschoolers “School” for our kids that was free and has been a HUGE blessing for them.

    We have a doctor and hospital here for us that have been fantastic for having another baby with (and that was a hellish experience in Vegas) (and–oh–when we were there in December having number 6, they said they’re short on Labor and Delivery nursing staff!).

    There are fantastic programs here that have helped us get through a very difficult period of Tim setting up his business and getting it going (even providing a new fridge and furnace for our house!).

    Someone we knew, while we were gone, built a fantastic music studio that he ended up not using, so he’s given Tim free access to it any time he wants to record–free! He’s not LDS, but he said he felt like God wanted him to let Tim use the studio.

    There have been so many blessings from moving here. And so many friends. And so much support.

    Sometimes moving is the thing you never knew you needed.

  5. Jessie Moore says

    I love you guys so much. I am so sorry that you are going through this right now. You are in our thoughts and prayers and I called all the temples here and put your name on the prayer roll. Got lots of prayers going out there for you! Would be fun if you got to come home…but if not that’s cool too. I understand you have to go where you have work! :) Just know that family has your back if you need anything we are here. Love you guys!

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