TMI Tuesdays: Poisoning

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I had a request for poisonings.
Not to poison someone… silly.
What to do if your child has ingested something!
Honestly, this one’s super easy.
Call poison control. 

We’d have parents call in ALL. THE. TIME about it.  And we’d just send them to poison control.  A lot of people freak out because they do ask your name and address (maybe?  mabe just your name) but I’m sure that is just for tracking purposes.  They must have write down what they told people anyway — as a legality precuation (stupid lawyers… that one needs its own TMI Tuesday post!).  I guess if you were calling too often they might think something’s up….

They have all the info (MSDS sheets and all that jazz) for EVERYTHING.  They are geniuses with poison.  If you know someone who works there… you should be extra nice to them.  Know what I mean? 😉

The poison control number for the US is:


There, go write it down somewhere and tack it where you’ll need it.

Of course, the best protection against poisoning is to not have the stuff out in the first place, and also educate older children who are smarter about child protective devices.  It’d be awful to ever think my carelessness lead to injurying my kid.  I mean, any more then it already does.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. says

    I had to call them just a month ago when the baby drank a bottle of Children’s Advil. Actually, I’m one of those parents that called the doctors office first. The nurse connected me with Poison Control. Nice to have them tell me everything was going to be fine, and now I have the number tacked up inside my medicine cupboard. That, and I won’t leave the lid off while I look up dosages anymore. Those little hands can reach way more when Mom isn’t looking.

  2. Carina says

    I’ve called Poison Control twice. Once when my oldest climbed on the countertop, opened up a cupboard, got the giant Costco-sized bottle of kid vitamins from the back of the cupboard, and opened the child-proof lid.

    The second time when he went into my room, into the drawer near my bed where I had birth control pills, dug to the back of the drawer, and popped each pill out of its package and into his mouth.

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