Want Me To Be Your Neighbor?

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Have you ever read my blog and thought, darn I wish she was my neighbor.  I’d love to go grind some wheat with her….

You have?

Well, this is your chance. :)

Things continue to be bleak at the school district.  Today was Drew’s first chance to kind of feel out the district administration.  While they’re putting on a face that he may still have a job, behind that face they’re saying to polish his resume. 

This is all terribly sad because Drew adores his job, and his students adore him.  They also had a pretty awful sub while he was gone and so now they love him even more!

BUT, life is what it is.  I consistently have the feeling that things will work out.  But recently my heart has softened to the fact that we may have to bid this tiny cottage goodbye.  And THAT is where you come in.

It’s hard to figure out a district he’d want to work for.  One that really supports music and is looking for a good teacher.  So, I’m asking all of you to keep your ears open.  Even maybe to look on your school district website and see if your district is hiring.  We’d LOVE to know if they’re building a new high school in your area.  We honestly have not pre-conceived notions on where we’d like to live.  This is actually the second to the LAST place we’d ever thought we would live… and look how the last 9 years have turned out!

Anyway, if you could do that we’d really appreciate it.

AND if you’re currently my neighbor, there is a board meeting on this Thursday.  You can voice your feelings there… or toot your horn.  Whatever your heart tells you to do….

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  1. says

    No! I’m sorry but it is not acceptable for you to live anywhere but here. :) That being said, I DO hope that you guys find a place, and a place that’s right for you. Just know I will miss you terribly if you move away!

  2. says

    These are such crazy time…..a move would be hard, but possibly exciting…? It is frustrating beyond belief. I will probably go to the board meeting on Thurs. I’m ‘scheduled’ to go to one in May…

  3. says

    Lots of band music, growing population in this area (Austin/Travis County/Williamson County) – check it out! We can work together again – yay!!

  4. Sharon says

    Aww, this is sad to hear. But if I were you, I’d look around in the midwest and Texas. They seem to either value band more or have more $. CA is in such trouble…hope things work out for you guys. And Texas is a great place to live…you’d love it!

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