Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Songs Of Guidance

Just have to say that the fourth article of faith song followed me around work tonight.  Sure, it'd turn off long enough for me to talk to my patients, or whatever -- but as soon as I'd leave the room it'd turn RIGHT back on in my head.  It was really weird. 

REALLY weird.

I mean, every time I turned around it was in my head.

I feel badly.  I think that mybe my faith isn't showing the way it should.  I truly do believe God has a plan for us.  I just also am REALLY tired of waiting for the plan to drop into place.  I actually said a prayer tonight at work just thanking God for everything in my life and admitting that I had some work to do in the faith department.

Not too long after I got a call from Drew, and we have a new house offer.  Just a few thousand off the first, and she seems to love our house.

Do you get guidance through song?  I must admit, it happens to me fairly frequently but this was the first time I had a personal soundtrack for at least 6 hours of my shift. :)

The first principles and ordianances of the gospel are first....

1 comment:

  1. K, now it's stuck in my head! Inspiration, comfort, peace from music? Yes, yes, and yes! I love that Father knows how to reach us.


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