Monday, October 24, 2011

Miracle Monday

We are heading into month four here in Arizona.  I know, you're all thinking how did that go so fast?  Me too?  But, just like when you have a baby you look at them and feel like they're so brand new, but you can hardly remember life before them.  That's how I feel.

I must admit that I can't imagine a more perfect ward for us.  I spoke in church yesterday (if you're lucky, I'll get around to posting my talk).  As I looked out in the audience I thought of all the nice people we've met already, and how lucky we are.  We also had a ward new member dinner last night and I felt the same thing.  Thing is, we hadn't looked at hardly any houses in this ward -- until this one.  Just feel so lucky to land where we did.

And I'll remind you that I bought this house over the internet.  I'd never seen it, or really thought of this area.

But it's absolutely perfect.

Still working on loving our school.  We have parent teacher conferences coming up.  I bet that will help.

What are the miracles in your life?  Blog about them!

1 comment:

  1. glad you're loving your ward. I remember you were a little down the first couple of Sundays.

    I saw that there was an episode just on Sister Wives about how they were all dieting. Did you see that one?


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