Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What's up Wednesday: Gettin' My Craft On

First off, guess who got her craft on.  I KNOW.  It's been totally missing for quite some time, but I really liked this project, and I thought of a few more while I was there.  I made a greeting card holder, mostly because I want to see all my friends smiling faces staring at me.... I love them all so much. :)

Anywhere, here it is completed.

I just took a wreath wire, and bought fabric, ripped it into strips and covered it.  Then, I wrapped it with some crystal-y garland I found at the Hobby Lobby.  I was going to go all Christmas, but I'd actually like to keep it up year round, so I just bought this black and white stuff.  I think it's pretty classy (honestly, I don't know if it fits into the rest of my house).  BUT, I also wanted it to be Christmasy, so I tucked in some small picks to make it a bit more festive, which you can see here:

Then, after Valentines (because, frankly -- I think these will be able to stick until then) I will change them out for something more spring-y... if I get around to it.  And cover some other clothespins with some more pastel-y colors. :)

Then, for the top I wanted it to be pretty stable, so I used some thick gauged wire, and covered it with the fabric to make a holder for it.  Then, I just hot glued a ribbon on top (it's actually just 2 bows hot glued together).

You can see it here:

It's SUPER big so I had better get a lot of cards... people.  Here it is with the cards we have received so far.

See, it works for weddings, and graduation announcements too.  I hate having all that stuff up on my fridge, but I love remembering all the exciting things going on in the lives of our friends.  Adorable, no?  Pretty excited to fill it up.

In other news, El Presidante has been less presidential as the winter weather comes.  He's not doing so hot in school (just forgetting to turn stuff in, not like not understanding things) and the real cherry came when he left for school yesterday with the door wide open.  Normally, I'd come around to fix it afterwards but I was 20 miles away at work.  I had a class to attend yesterday (which was fascinating, maybe I'll put some of the info I got from that into a blog entry)... so Drew was greeted with an open door.  I'm pretty sure he was thrilled.  Needless to say we needed an intervention after that.  When Conner got home we made him think the wii, the games and the laptop got stolen (which, frankly would probably be what they would steal first).  We even made him tell mr. Middle what'd happened.  Let's just say there was a lot of crying, but I'm DONE.  I'm done picking up after him.  Maybe I have helicopter parented too long, but I'm giving a hands off attitude towards him now (which is surprisingly a lot more hands on, how does that happen?).  He needs to do his own life, and I need to stop picking up his pieces.  The guny bag is making a triumphant return in the morning, and currently he only has like 2 pair of pants.

Good luck El Presidante, your mom's on your trail.

Mr Middle is chugging along.  He had a GREAT weekend and was THRILLED to tell his friends about Legoland, to "make them jealous!" ... nice.  Sadly, he is also being affected by my new guny bag standards.  I hope it helps both of them.

Princess P had a haircut this AM.  It was getting too long and in her face so I chopped it off.  Not sure I love it.  Are mullets still in?  I am hoping this will spur a bit more growth as her scalp is still really visible... maybe I should've gone all Asian on her when she was a month old.  Oh well.  It's just hair, right (but it is adorably curly hair!).

Drew is finishing his first class tonight for his Masters.  Pretty fantastic, if you ask me.  We're like 10% done now.  Yay. 

As for me, I just sit around and look at my cute greeting card holder. :)  It's fun.


  1. Ok, my almost 10 year old sounds like El presidante. I am contantly picking up after him. I don't know how many times I tell him that dirty clothes go in the hamper less than 3 feet away from where he left it on the floor. And that stuff just needs to be put away when you are done. Help. What is this guny sack thing? I know I need to pick my battles. I guess it is time to pick this one. I just feel like I am nagging all the time. About school, piano, reading, cub scouts, manners, ... I want him to have SOME happiness and freedom, but I pretty much dictate everything he needs to do and I hate that. Doesn't make for a happy kid or mom.

  2. Our card is on the way! Glad to know where it will be housed! Very cute!

  3. Love your crafty-ness. I am swearing off all things homemade (other than really fatty baked goods, which I can't seem to stop myself from.) until next fall.

    My girls have a huge problem with laundry. Today I cried when I saw their room. You can't see the floor. Like at all! Can't step across the room without something breaking underfoot, and you can't even see what it was, because it's covered in clothes. Often clean clothes that I have put away in drawers. How does that even happen?! Worst part is, I spent about five hours in there last weekend getting it super organized, getting rid of clothes that are out of season or out of fit, removing toys that don't get enough love, etc. A week later it looks like a donation bin threw up on the floor. Help!

    Love ya. Miss ya.

  4. What a fun idea for a card display. I have only gotten 1 card to date. Are people not sending cards anymore. Last year we got a ton. I am a new follower visiting from Creations by Kara. Vicky from Mess For Less


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