Family Home Evening

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Our church recommends we have Family Home Evening once a week (usually Monday nights).  It’s just a night that we get together and discuss things important to our family.  Sometimes it’s church centered, but often character building, or just things that will help our family unit run a little smoother.


Because I can’t be all loosy goosey and just do whatever at Family Home Evening I had to come up with monthly weekly plans. Also, I was asked to give a 5 minute presentation about our family’s FHE this past week.  And some people wanted to mock my in-depth entirely anal behavior a little bit more…


So, without further adieu, or FHe schedule for 2012 is:

  • First Monday — Article of Faith FHE — these are basic gospel principles that the kids need to know.
  • Second Monday — Family need — I just pick something I think our family needs to work on.  I find the next one to likely be reverence.  We’ve had issues at church.  This tends to be behavior-related.
  • Third Monday — Book of Mormon FHE — this is when we take a scripture story and really talk about it in depth.  It is also when we’ve made our videos.  I think the videos have helped to make this a lot of fun, when it could have been pretty boring for the kids.
  • Fourth Monday — General Conference, or Friend article — we review one of our favorite talks from General Conference, or if the kids are teaching they take an article from the Friend magazine and talk about it.
  • Fifth Monday (if there is one) — Emergency preparedness — we’ve done earthquake/fire drills, talked about strangers, morality, we work on our 72 hour kits and just make sure everyone is on the same page for emergencies.  I highly recommend this for ALL families!


Anyway, that’s what we do.  It’s just helped so that I’m not given the whole world to choose from each month.  I like to narrow my focus a little bit.


And as my friend Audrey told me, I’ve learned to embrace my inner anal-ness.  Oh yes, I have.


Here’s our most recent Book of Mormon FHE where the boys made Lehi’s dream out of legos (we have actually now done it in both duplo and now the smaller legos… and yes, I am serious).  And then one of P singing that is adorable, mostly if you’re a grandparent. :)


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    Thanks so much for posting this for all of us! I’m sharing with my kids/grandkids who are also lego experts (well the kids are.) Thanks again for sharing with us on Thurs. night – it is a great plan! Paige is darling too!

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