Photo Friday: Hot Desert Flowers

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Spring break in the desert means BIG fun.  Get excited.
Sadly, I don’t have before and after pictures of all the places I’ve cleaned, that really WOULD be fun. :)

First off, our big SCU Liberation scone fest.  They were SO delicious.  Yumiola. I had always fried them in canola oil, but this time I bit the bullet and paid the big bucks for peanut oil.  Totally worth it.  Look how happy Conner is, you may see a theme here…

The rest of the photos are from the Botanical Gardens that we went to yesterday.  They were lovely.  I took way more pictures then this, I’m not used to close-ups, and I didn’t bring my close-up lens.  I’ll know better for next time.
There was a butterfly exhibit, they were AMAZING.  All of us loved them!
It’s starting to heat up around here.  We’re all dreading what’s to come!

The butterfly room had lots of varieties.  It was fun to find them all…

Thsese two are particularly rare.  Some might say priceless.  I’d say it depends on the day…
I thought this cactus looked like brains.  I bet my brain is just this prickly if you open it up…

Anyone seeing a theme with someone’s VERY happy face….

Sometimes you just feel little….

And look, I was there!

I liked this cactus.  Looks like those little candy buttons you pull off the paper.  I don’t think this one would be quite as tasty though….

Love the red mountains around here…

We even saw a few hummingbirds.  Did you know Arizona’s the nation’s capitol for hummingbirds.  Take that fact to the bank!

Some of the cacti had started to bloom…

The front of the museum has these glass sculptures, I kept trying to figure out WHAT kind of plant looked THAT amazing.  And yes, I am that dumb.
Ooo, and lots of bees. Guess who isn’t a fan of bees?  Answer: Anyone at my house under the age of 20.

This was a really cool and tall tree.  AZ has such blue sky, things with orange buds look extra cool!

More butterflies…
Lots of pretty plants.

and one final butterfly.  Not sure she’s totally out of cocoon yet.  She sure seems to need the “nest” a lot…
Happy Friday.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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    Looks like you had fun, and managed to keep your sanity, so that’s good! Ah, teenagers. You’re going to have a lovely time :-) I have a sister who didn’t smile from age 12 until her wedding day. She claims she loved growing up!

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