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Lately I just want to stand in the middle of the room and scream STOP!!!!  I hate how time is flying by this summer.  I’m not able to soak in enough of my husband and really enjoy our little family before each one is torn to their own parts

But, having a blog has so many perks, and one of them is allowing time to stand still, if only for a few moments.  So, right now….

Princess P loves to come cuddle with me in the mornings, usually as I’m reading the news on my phone.  Then she wanders off to find someone who will get her a sippy of milk.  I adore that little bundle of goo.  We came home really late last night and she was SUCH A mess.  It’s actually exactly how I’d act if I didn’t have some manners… love her.  Suddenly we’re traveling sans stroller and giant bag of stuff to entertain her.  She either travels on our shoulders or by her own walk/run/carry me mentality (somehow her power walking comes out of her shoulders, how does that work?).  She did tell me she is little today though.  I always ask her if she’s big or little today.  The answer is pretty well random, but today she is little.  Followed by a lot of thumb sucking.  I have a feeling the magic bandaid will be making a showing once school starts.

Mr Middle had a breakdown of his own when he couldn’t find pajamas last night.  I told him to just sleep in a T-shirt and all heck broke lose.  “I CAN’T SLEEP LIKE THAT, I NEED PAJAMMAS”  I will credit him with the fact that it was pretty darn late last night… but he does get liked this frequently, usually accompanied by a lack of sleep.  I worry about the middle child with this one.  I need to find his niche.  I need to work on that.  I have strong hopes that a younger family moves into our neighborhood.  Fingers crossed.  I love the smile on this little boy.  Yesterday he came out of the bathroom with the biggest smile (his smiles are huge, seriously… maybe none of my other kids are big smilers, but this one is hilariously great at smiling) and I asked him why the smile and he said no reason….  there really was no reason, just happy.  This one loves to cuddle, and make his little sister mad… I love that he loves the cuddling.

El Presidante is taking his birthday in stride.  I made him hold hands with me when we discussed where to go for ice cream.  He almost died.  I love forcing him to make physical contact with me.  Like, I need a hug before we can talk about school supplies… stuff like that. :)  He’s acting so grown up, and I realized in 4 years he’ll be able to date.  I need to stop benchmarking milestones.  6 years left of school, 7 til’ a mission…. belch.  Tell me Jesus will be here before then, that was always my plan.

Me and Mr E are in a good place right now.  I need to write that down because marching band is staring squarely in my face.  I’m staring back at it, and telling it that I know it is there but I still have one more week before it squeezes our little family.  ASU is also standing next to it screaming it needs its time from him too.  Enjoy what i have, while I have it — right?

And time continues to march on.  I need to make friends with time.  Really savor what’s going on, when we have it.  I know these days are fleeting.

How do you stop time at your house?

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    By official decree.

    For instance, Sophia is not allowed to turn 6 this month.

    Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t really work. :)

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