Two products created to help make blogging for income easier! 

Learn how to create your own courses and products:

Harness the power of your numbers to make you more money:

There are SO many numbers to keep track of in blogging. Let this spreadsheet AND FREE 5 day tutorial help you stay on track and grow!

Here are some of my favorite 

Blogging Products!

Links on this page may be affiliate links -- you can read my full disclosure here.


I use Big Scoots Hosting, and I absolutely love them for a few reasons

  • They have gone WAY above and beyond the technical call of hosting to solve problems
  • I have VERY minimal downtime
  • Super quick to respond

I 100% recommend them to even my best friends, they are the way to go! 

If someone else recommended BlueHost to you, you need to move!  I'm serious.  BlueHost is all about the quick sell, and their customer service is horrible.


I used to host my own courses on my own site.

... and it was a huge. headache.

The people at Teachable make GREAT courses.  I had the whole thing set up in under an hour and the headache of constantly either messing-up my blog or my course is gone.

Landing Pages

I use Thrive Landing Pages for all of my sales pages (and even this page right here).

Their drag and drop editor is bar now.

Both are easy to use, and the price is right!


I use ConvertKit for my email service.

Yes, there are cheaper companies out there.

I actually just researched about moving, just becuase the price tag is big when you add it all up.

But after looking it all over, I just don't think my courses would convert as well if I used any other provider.  ConvertKit sells.

If you don't have anthing to sell, I would probably go with something cheaper.  Also, I would recommend getting something to sell..

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