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Ok, now to one of the best parts of our trip — our visit to Thornewood castle (previously mentioned in another blog). The first picture is the castle itself. I knew I’d seen it online, but I was prepared to be disappointed (and I feel like we should always feel that way) — but I wasn’t. It’s seriously grand. Our room (next picture) was AMAZING, King sized bed (4 poster, could barely jump to get on it), a jacuzzi (complete with bath salts and various bath oils depending on the mood you wanted your bath to be — I spent at LEAST an hour in the jacuzzi reading Harry Potter, it was possibly one of the most enjoyable times in my life), a great view of the lake and these cute little stained glass areas in the center of all the panes of glass. Loved those. We toured the castle and visted the gardens (with a giant chess set). Completely pictureque (and, believe me, I took pictures — shocking, but true). We went to a restaurant that night, it was alright, and then got ice cream sandwiches from a local convenience store. Feel the love, and the joy. I mean, you can only be a princess in SO many areas… right?

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