Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Feel Her Pain

Did you guys see this story? It's the one where the kids calls a school adminstrator's home and leaves a message asking them to cancel school for a snow day. The wife calls the kid back and FA-REAKS out on him with a 6 minute message.
A) Wife was dumb.
B) Kid was dumb.
But I feel the wife's pain. OH, do I feel her pain. I can NOT BELIEVE how many students we have calling the house, at all hours. We've had calls before 7 am and well into the hours when I am usually sleeping. Are these kids dying? Has someone close to them died? No, they're just wondernig about a concert. Something like that.
Now I'd like to also say that Drew has a slew of parents who really help him out, but they've gone out of their way to help out our family, and I'm fine if they call. They are very considerate and they're usually helping out, which I appreciate (obviously).
But, it's the kid that calls at 9:30 the night before a parade saying they dont' have a ride to school that just gets me. I would NEVER call C's teacher at home. I guess I could see situations where I might. Like, if he were in the hospital, or if Drew died or something like that. Serious situations.
But teachers have phones at school, they have email. I have plenty of ways to contact her if I have an issue. And I do (oh, believe me I do). Also, I think kids think Drew's cell phone is paid for by the school distric. It's not. Period. Ever. We pay it and I swear 90% of our minutes goes to band stuff. BUT, is it tax deductible? I think not (but seriously, if it is -- someone email me, that doesn't really seem fair).
And yes, feel free to reference this blog post in your next Booster meeting. :)
In other news, I am addicted to Jane cosmetics now. I LOVED their powder. I think it's just as good as the Bare Escentuals I bought a few months ago (and then returned because I felt it was overpriced). I think out of pocket I have spent somewhere near 10 dollars, and what have I gotten in return? Powder, shimmering powder, 2 pots of eyeshadow, 2 eyeshadow combos, 1 eyliner, 1 eye crayon (?), 2 lip glosses, 2 chapstick type things, 2 blushes, bronzer, and mascara. I think that's all. :)
Stop me.
I mean it.
By popular demand I've posted a picture. Feel free to tell me what an AMAZING shopper I am -- and yes, all for just about 10 bucks.


  1. Step away from the Walgreens coupons.

    Kids call and worse, text, Joel all the time. Hate it.

  2. The only call we ever got was a kid named Brandon Bringhurst and he just wanted to talk to the guy with his same name. It was funny.

  3. I do somewhat feel your pain since both DH and I have spent time as highschool teachers. However, we always had an unlisted phone numbers, so the bothersome calls were VERY minimal.

    You really should post to Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday to share your cosmetics purchase! Way to go!

  4. 1. Drew somehow gave students the impression that he was available to them 24/7. If he's not, then it has to bug him enough to fix it. That said, I feel for you- I guess it would be kind of like a patient calling Ed at home.

    2. Where do you get Jane brand cosmetics?

    3. You are an amazing shopper.

  5. Yeah, where the heck did you pick up the cosm. I am in look for some new stuff to update the drawer, my girls have pretty much demolished by eyeshadows and lipglosses, the love makeup time in the morning, although thiers gets wiped off with a wipe before we leave the house.

  6. Are you sure you can't claim part of your cell phone bill on your taxes? In Utah teachers can claim up to $225 (or $250) in expenses if we itemize and have receipts. It might be worth it to check and see if because 90% of your bill is for school, you could count part of it as a deduction. Just a thought.

    And I'm so jealous of all your new makeup!


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